All roads , No destination !

Yes !!! Every blog must start with  ” About the Author” Post .

I also planned to do so but if explaining about oneself in words was so easy , why in this world have people had wrote millions of ” Express Yourself ” , ” Way to communicate ” type books . So rather than talking about me , let’s talk what this blog will be covering as we say in business terms ” $ Straight to the point $” .. As name implies , it’s just going to have my view biased or unbiased , as i see the world and its subject matter through my 2 god gifted eyes and 2 optician gifted one (Spectacles) .

It can vary from wild of the imaginative fantasy to deep-rooted superstitions taboo . But few keywords which are going to appear again and again are FOOD , Travel and Solar ; The things which occupy 90 % ..or at least 60% of 24 hrs of my day ( Yes , they keep flashing in my dreams too ) .

So get ready for a roller coaster ride and read  each post on your own risk becaz the subject and theme can vary widely based on mood swing as it’s not a book to follow sequence or Chapterisation ,  but a blog whose title reflect it’s going to be ” MY SIDE , MY VIEW ” ..

In short it’s a boat without any sail just flowing with the tide with no destination to reach but to enjoy the waves and view’s …

Please note:
This and other  post on this blog  may include sponsored advertisements, reviewed products and services, affiliate links and other forms of sponsorship.


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