Movie Review …Contra 3 oops . Expendables 3

Running time : 126 Min

Director : Patrick Hughes

Date : 21 August 2014

Main cast : Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li and Many 50 + actors close to taking VRS

Premiere Tickets Courtesy : Sony Pix at PVR select City Walk 🙂



We as a generation grew up playing Contra which has a gun with unlimited powerup’s and ammunition , so we just guide him and he keep on killing more , more and more …

Expendables look just like it with a bit of emotion , pack up all actors on verge of retirement with bit of motivation speech and tech gadgets and who cares of story ?? .. So people looking logic , stay away but for action hungry geeks who’s Adrenalin pumps with sound of guns shots ” This is it ” .

Start with a rescue mission of Ex team member ( Wesley Snipes ) with amazing Train Sequence , followed by a encounter with Team co -founder turned arms dealer Conrad Stonebank who was supposed to be dead and as obvious stallone goes again to kill him with new bunch of kids with fancy gadgets which fails and he has to fall back to his old team to rescue and complete the mission .

Antonio Bandera aka Galgo keep the funny side up and Ronda Rousey aka Luna for a bit of glamour .

Last sequence seem perfect out of a video game where hero’s stuck in castle and villain’s pour in every side possible in every form i.e. tank , helicopter , bikes etc. etc etc with endless 30-40 min cross firing and stunts which ends with complete set going down in ashes on a bomb .. Watch out for a Bike stunt by Kellan Lutz with 360 turn in air which make you WOW .

Overall , go if you want to relive contra days or a die-hard fan of series .

Rating : 2.5 / 5


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