An exhilarating view from Diskit Monastery (Nubra Valley)


Nubra Valley

Diskit Monastery is situated in Nubra Valley, on top of a hill (close to 60-70 stairs), above the plains of river flowing close by from the huge rocky mountains (which can be heard gushing through the mountains) while climbing the hill for monastery.
It is the oldest and largest Buddhist monastery (termed as gompa’s in Leh) & encompasses the statue of “Maitreya” Buddha in the prayer hall, a huge drum and several images of fierce guardian deities. Just opposite to the Buddha prayer hall, is another part of monastery, having huge statue of “Maa Durga” which is said to be worshiped only once a year.p18
Near Diskit monastery is a massive scintillating, 32 mt. Buddha Statue termed as “Future Buddha”& can be seen overhead the hill.
View from this place gives heavenly peace & ensure that we fall in love with the nature once again!
Climatic Condition of Nubra has resulted in lush green vegetation in the valley & is a home to beautiful Double –humped “Bactarian Camel”, whose ride can be enjoyed a lot! Staying in Nubra valley at Camps gives an immense pleasure, which should not be missed again.bactarian camels at nubra
Route to Nubra Valley gives you the most stupendous enjoyable & chilling feel ,while crossing “Khardung La” (18379 ft) &It can be acclaimed that this place is the heavenly abode & not to be missed in lifetime.
What Didn’t: Going to Nubra involves passage through Khardung La pass at a height of 18379 ft. Reaching Khardung La is a bit cumbersome due to wavy & broken roads (since landslides are frequent, maintenance takes time) .Since the altitude is high, usually there is a deficiency of oxygen,hence it is recommended to take medicine “Diamoxin” before the start of journey & keep drinking water in short intervals.
Overall Experience: Excellent, not to be missed to get relaxed in the lap of nature.
Go Now: Trip to Nubra Valley can be planned from any local tour & is included in the itinerary in the trip planned to Leh.


Night can be spent at any of the deluxe camps including “Apple Camp” in Nubra

Chakzot-Hunder Village | Nubra Valley, 194101, India.
Price generally ranges from Rs 2000-2500 for one night stay at the clean tents.


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