The third side of coin ……. !!!


Every Coin has two side and people says even life has two perspective “You are either saying the Truth or Lie “ But Life experiences say It has many depends on perspective of the viewer .
Let’s Recall a Incident from Flashback , Era of 2004 . I had just  obtained my learning license for 2 wheeler  & insisted to learn my Bro’s treasure “Hero Splendour “ a popular Unisex Moto Bike  .
So Every morning, me & my father used to go to nearby field and practice to hone my driving skills. In first two days itself I learnt to balance and change gear properly but till time in open field. Papa was happy with my progress and I was too on cloud nine on getting a BADGE OF appreciation as super learner. On third Day after everyone went to sleep , my mind was stuck with “ Keeda “ of showing off my newly acquired skills to a friend living around 6 Km from our place . So like a perfect spy , I picked the keys , walked the bike silently few meter away from home and then Ignited and started off well … After covering around 500 Meter , a dog came on barking at highest pitch and in few seconds tragedy of year happened . I lost Balance and till brake was applied, my bike banged into another bike whose number I still remember by heart ,& as my bad luck would have it,this bike fall upon a  WHITE COLORED MARUTI Alto which was newly bought by Mr. Bhansali ( He was Ex principal and stricter then a Hot Rod , My super luck ) and broke its taillight, making a big dent on back door and glass of window …. My mind naturally responded to drag my hero puch as fast as possible back to my home, putting key back to place and covering myself in blanket to assume it was just a bad dream.
Next morning, as expected My father and other neighbors were all gathered at home of Mr. Bhansali , showing condolence and discussing all probable situations . I was glad to know that no body near close to find a involvement of me and every angle was focusing on the local security guard as how he did not hear anything or see anybody around their Car .
Same day Evening , my father shared that first time in their 23 years of union with Mr bhansali , they have seen tiny droplets in his eyes for the damage held to bike and Especially to their 10 days old CAR ..Car even in 2000 was a luxury for people like us and it was just the 2nd one in our Street. The conversation between my father and Bhansali has a lot of emotional talking and I felt very guilt on doing this and even not sharing this with anyone but the fear of worst kept me MUM.
It was era when Govinda , Sanjay Dutt was Prominent in Bollywood and most of their movies pictured them as Saint confessing to their crime and fighting for TRUTH . My guilt got inspiration from them and after expecting a similar situation with probable ending that if I make a confession boldly … My father and Uncle would praise my courage ,forgive me instantly and guilt Gone …..
So When I confessed.. Lighting stroked , Cloud Busted and Vroom …… Instead of Praise came Bhansali uncle Scolding me in front of society, Papa agreed to pay for damages from my Birthday Party fund and waiving next 6 month pocket money..sad …. More was yet to happen, he decided not to teach me driving for next 1 year and kept away my DL too. This news however reached my school too and friends were making stories of me not for driving mess but for confession I made.
Life became dull and the it was hard time to pass as I was back to my bicycle sending back the pre- bought Helmet , Gloves , Sunglasses back in store for long long period and a realization that a movie start to finish in 3 hours but in life …. You never know when climax would come.
Around 2.5 Months later, a smaller but similar incident happened 2 streets away at night and unfortunately people came running around my house that I was their suspect no. 1 although I had left driving since that day but still it was easy to point fingers on me …and even my parents first checked bike at home and questioned me and I was down to lowest point as what was the moment when I decided to tell the truth.
Suddenly I heard Bhansali Uncle calming everyone and sending them back to home saying “ This Kid has GUTS , so if he had done anything wrong HE would have already Confessed and if he is saying otherwise , I am taking GURANTTEE for him more than I can take for my KID , he is telling truth. “
That was the moment, when all the pain and shame taken for last 2.5 month was made worthwhile . Now I realized what that confession had earned was my “FAITH, CONFIDENCE and Image of being the Torch BEARER OF TRUTH “ and this will remain with me Lifetime .
Yes , Movies have happy ending in 3 hours , in real life it may take days to year but YES truth Prevail and it earns you what MONEY Can’t Buy .
I narrate this story every time I speak in any School function or coaching kids on life’s philosophy and noticing a dent in any car surely leave a smile on my face.
So when I watched this TVC of Kinley , when a Girl confess to her father and tell the truth ,My incident got refreshed in my mind and decided to write this and share .
Do drop in comments if you have any similar incident to share or talk about .

{ This Blog Post was written in reference to Indiblogger Happy Hours Activity sponsored by Kinley }


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