The harsh side ……. Face it and clean it

Baby sitting is almost similar to starting your own ventures where every task presents new challenges and you try to please your only customer (Your Kido) in any possible form and this task start from Day Zero and runs on year on year where we try to jugal like an acrobat with Kid on one side and All other responsibility including professional and personal on other .

As it’s happening on day-to-day basis , my kid has almost grown to 4 month old …. Since the last one week , whenever i try to hug him , he start crying and i was unable to understand the reason , this kept on happening repeatedly and other family members start to tease me with bizarre of logic behind this , few  were
” Get him some New toys ” ,
” He is angry becaz you have not bought a Iphone for Him ” ,
” Your Deo sucks , Change it ” & Blah , Blah , Blah .

I did various attempts to please him by picking from diff angel , in diff clothes with/without deo and even when he was sleeping but all went in vain 😦

But the Real Reason which my father suggested was my imaginary Macho Look developed growing a Cactus garden on my face and the leaf’s of which was causing Irritation on Kido’s face …

Mom ...I shaved the Father :)

Mom …I shaved the Father 🙂

This definitely made me rethink how many people have turned off from me for same reason without saying anything keeping me in state of Doubt over issue when the Solution was simple one ..

Truly said , Raising a kid is a learning experience and on the way you make valuable discovery .

Now There is no barrier stopping my kid to hug me and feel the freshness my face get after shaving and amazing smell of after shave lotion and world approved my new look as no. of likes on my selfie’s increasing almost 200% 🙂 …

So this tip goes in advice  book for all my friend’s on would ‘be father list to implement it ASAP …

Clean face … Clean Thoughts ..Clean Image !!!

“This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette ”


I Nominate My wife Jhilmil ( )  to tell her side of experience


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