A Youth rejuvenated.. Flashback 2007

Well ,it was a long time that we knew each other ,from studying together at the tuitions till we both landed up a job & finally when I proposed her! Undoubtedly ,the friendship had gone too far ,for 7 odd years in which we matured from two studious colleagues aiming at the IIT’s & the Medicals, to good friends sharing the in & outs of career ,of Future ,hidden thoughts & the biggest of all a guiding light to one another in the hours of catastrophe’s created J

It would have been a brilliant story ending in the best ever relationship of Love ,but it would be prejudice to Indian Cinema without the entry of any villain in this relation. No ,not parents ,not the insecure future ,nor any third person between us ,but to the utter shock ,it was “Macho Man” look ,a mustached & bearded look which she did not like & want in her Life partner!

Hell ,a Rejection to the proposal after 7 long years? ,& that too when I approached her missing my train to Jaipur ,running on the station to find a bus from Delhi ,to see her on committed time & with the fully designed plan to listen her “yes” & rejoice the most memorable moment of my life. I did reach on time ,completely weary ,with all worn out looks (n I think my decision to give a macho look under those circumstances got the nuts out of her ) ,completely fatigued ,with a rose bouquet in my hand & approached her…Would you like to be my partner for Life time…. My heart pounding heavily ,but to my utter shock , I could hear a simple “No” ..No I just don’t like that look of yours ,You need to be a perfect gentle man in thoughts as well as look to be mine ,In thoughts you are but …STOP..A Small smile & that was all.

That came crashing on my view of my rugged looks ,which was very close to me (I had never been without moustache post adolescence)& that was the moment when I decided “ Dulhaniya aaj to le kar jaunga” …I rushed to my hotel …Purchased A gillete…………………….from the nearby store & firmly decided to pose a “Perfect Gentleman” & hear an eager Yes ,a yes for which I had waited for years hiding in my heart! So 1—2—3 & that was it ,Gillete transformed my looks & for the first time even I felt .yes she is correct ,M looking a Dude ..now perfect for her..

Ringing her to catch up on the lunch (not uttering a word of my action) ,I waited for next 3 hours looking at the clock to turn up 1,when we planned to have buffet together .Anxiety ,thrill ,heart thumping at its peak when I saw her approaching me …a broad smile ,with two words did I hear -My Gentleman & she said “yes ,yes ,you are my gentleman! Thanks for rejuvenating your looks ,I did love you ,but wanted to love you in an all together new look.. & in the back of mind ,I could just thank my Gillete for completing my love story.

Well till today ,we are happily married couple & yes I’ve retained my Dude look .

Thanks to Gillete!

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette’.

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