Why Job comes with T&C ? …Let’s Solve them QUIKrrrrrr

Yes the title is true ….But I am not referring to part of CTC which company mentions during placement Presentations at collage but never get credited to the salary account ..Nor does to the extra working hours or responsibility it comes with.

This refers to joining and reporting in straight 5 days beginning with Day 1 when you receive the letter and are busying publishing and posting all around social media and circle of getting the Top honcho to Day 2 when you realize that in next 4 day you have to move mountains in term of arrangement of tickets to buying clothes (College goers 80% wardrobe contains shorts /cargos/jeans) to finding a place to live in , in a city 200% unknown to you .

So when I realized I have been asked to join at “ BANGALORE  “ , Panic stroked as moving from a Tier – II town to a Ultra-modern METRO city need a lot of preparedness and info . Unfortunately even after referring to all Mama’s, Chacha’s , Uncle ‘s Uncle and relative & friend upto 3rd generation , my family were unable to find a reference for me to Bangalore . Being a newbie , I felt too shy to ask Company’s HR for making arrangements of accommodation , local convenyance ,  food extra  .

Suddenly one of my posting for help on Bangalore on FB got a response from friend to Try Bangalore Version of Quikr.com. So I checked on this weblink at http://bangalore.quikr.com/ and although I had pre conceived notion of online sharing portal being a sheer wastage and a place to drop your junk goods for fun to see how people respond, things happened to fold otherwise. So I started checking details as per my requirement and the results speak for themselves:

  1. Accommodation: Initially I was moving alone and was looking for a 1BHk sort of sub 10K fully loaded place near Whitefield and BANG got a genuine, quick verified listed at 8.5k …..First issue resolved. http://bangalore.quikr.com/1-BHK/Houses-Apartments-for-Rent/w257?l=No_of_Rooms
  2. Furniture: My parents suggested Buying Second’s Furniture initially is better and quick idea keeping in budget and time I have in Hand . So found dedicated listing in Quicker with Separate post of Bed , Amirah , Sofa and freezed all items in 30 minutes with owner even transporting them to my place at Whitefield .
  3. Maid and Cook : For domestic help , I found listing of even maid and cook at http://bangalore.quikr.com/Maids-Housekeeping/w241 which knew North indian food and agreed to come and cook at my place .


In similar fashion , within next 4 hours on http://bangalore.quikr.com/ and few phone calls … my TO_DO list got 90% checked out and I felt so relief and it empowered me to plan and arrange for all stuff sitting 1200 Km away and without hassle of searching on multiple websites or knocking on door of friends/relatives for help.


With the power of Quickr , Now I Feel like living and knowing the Banglore for years and the phobia of moving from home town just vanished  leaving time to enjoy and celebrate the happiness of bagging job with loved one’s

With every problem in life can be resolved by a website like  http://bangalore.quikr.com/

{ This Post has been published for a IndiBlogger contest Entry launched in associated with Quikr.com}


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