My Personal Trainer – My Kid

Since arrival of Star of our Life ” Arham ” Our house has turned into a Circus and with he playing the ring master and Me& My wife playing the role of Drummer to gunner to athlete to Bear , tiger , Monkey whatever role he wants us to play .

He is only 5 months but our life has turned upside down …we take small naps ranging from 5 min to max 1 hour depending on his sleeping pattern … We eat , Watch and even chat when he allows us to do else as my Father says ” My grandson is the king  and you are the servants , So i don’t want him to cry do as he says ” … It lies in blood of our family to treat and pamper kids with super duper special pampering not in form of Saying YES to each of his demand but in form of treating them well , getting best things and keeping safe environment for them to grow in health form .

Fortunately this ringmaster took away many of our bad habits too , like we keep things in place else he will pick it up , put it in his mouth and then will let everyone in entire neighborhood that it’s a mistake of our of not keeping things in place .

Me and my wife has reduced Junk food to minimal , so stomach of baby don’t get affected

In form to entertain him , we make funny faces sing rhymes and make songs , poems out of our own creative mind ,So happens that Even during office hours i Keep murmuring various songs like ” Nana , Muna Rahi hu ” Or ” Mera pass aao mera dosto ek kissa suno “or ” Jingle Jingle Little star”

Changing clothes , napping , Diapers need super special effort as he tries to jump , crawl to even push us back which has improved our reflexes remarkably in effort to match and catch him before he reacts .

Best part of Kids is  , No matter how much we are tired , a smile of them make our day and we feel fresh even at 2 am at night .

Stress Level is reduced as frequency of fight between me and my wife has reduced for once a day to once a month becaz 90% of our time is spend on discussing what’s good and what’s bad for our kids and discussing this with friends who recently had babies to share knowledge on general topics as ” Best food ” , ” best Doctor ” ” genera Vaccination ” ” play school ” ” Clothes ” ” Shopping around babies ” even Holidays would be planned keeping in mind the comfort of kid .


So in between 2014 to 2015 so many things have changed , although we are still trying to adjust with all but yes Me and my wife has grown Mentally , Physically and Emotionally Stronger and pledge to take care of our-self too , so we can put same health habits in our kid too ..


As going says ” World Revolve around kids ” and ” Healthy Body makes for Healthy Mind “.


Health Kid , health Family , Happy Family

To know more on health practices , do check Link : or click here

{ This Post is written in association with Indiblogger for a Health Initiative taken along with Dabur Chyawanprash}




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