Meri Marzi ….

Yes .. We as Indians are proud to stat the fact of being the World’s Largest Democracy and the Rights provided under the Constitution and never fail to take a STAND and MARK OUR ANGER of ever we see a slightest probability of someone trying to attack or invade or surpass it .. Although Just opposite happens when someone directs us towards  fundamental duties of citizen and we start pointing fingers to person sitting/standing next to us .

For us Democracy is Defined in One song – ” Ma Chahe Ya karu  ,

Ma Chahe Vo karu !

Meri Marzi !!! ”

Yes, we are human of Free will and Consider entire nation as our inherited property like Mughal era has still not ended and we are DNA Child of some Ex. emperor .and signs of this attitude can be found everywhere by our schedule :

  • Day start with cleaning our house as hygiene is our priority no. 1 …. but there is a “laxman rekha ” which is boundary of our house and our duty finish as garbage goes beyond .And then we expect public servant to serve public king be being on toes right outside our door , wait for us to throw something and grab it like gold coins and take it all the way to recycling center .Of course , We are KING.
  • No matter who was responsible for putting on those Stone age monuments , Being a King of Present Era Its Our duty to put a Signature or USP or Name of King/Queen on them By marking on Walls , Stone , Tower or anywhere we can find space left by our ancestor Lord’s .
  • King’s are said to be the Purest Soul with Direct Blessing of the Greater Lord and Even the Waste of out body has the world’s best Healing Power in it , So it’s our duty to spread this and share with Plant’s , Tree’s or with anyone is need of “Sanjeevani Booty ” and actually this holy water became origin of some many insects and 8/16/32 leg bacteria which actually made us feel like Godfather of control birth and death of million of tiny creatures

Along with these we can Spit , Paint the wall with Colorful Holy water flowing out in a targeted way like a Masterstroke with perfect trajectory hitting exact point to show our Skills .  Public Garden turns to became Public dustbin , as we encourage our kids too by our act to eat and let the waste lie there for our servant to clean .

and these less knowledgeable servant keep coming up with campaign’s like ” Incredible India ” ” swach bharat abhiyaan ” etc trying to change the decade old kingdom’s rules with argument of safe and healthy environment .

But why they don’t learn from the way old scheme’s failed to move our strong-will to never  change   even deep inside we know the necessity but our motto stops us “MERI MARZI , MA CHAHE YAHA FEKU , MA CHAHE WAHA KARU , MERI MARZI ”  Untamed Indian spirit !!!




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