Love Unlimited…..

Think of Valentine Day and Imagination goes wild with Red Roses, Proposals, Theme Party, Heart Shaped Soft Toys, Big and Bigger Greeting Card, Love Songs for Flashy Bollywood movies playing all across and Couples swearing oath to live and die together forever.

Although Mighty Hearty have feeling’s which  keeps finding a way to express love 24 hours &  365 days a year , but yes celebrating it  with the world gives the courage even to the weak heart to take the bold move and let his/her emotions flow and say the 3 magical word . Although the responses from opposite side may vary across but the moment get sealed in heart and mind of both forever.

Personally , I am a great fan of the Extravagance and this has worked for me too 6 years ago and even after 4 years of Marriage , I religiously make this day or say entire Week starting from ROSE DAY to Valentine Day special for my better half in innovative ways . Being a Manager, Pre-Planning suits me and would like to share what would be this year Valentine Week preparedness is:

  • Feb 7 : ROSE DAY : Best part is it’s Falling on a weekend , so I am Planning to Take her to Mughal Garden located Inside President of India House which is open for visitor for around a month and enjoy the rarest Breed of Roses and Flowers .
  • Feb 8 : Propose Day : Delhi’s Winters Morning and that too on Sunday , What’s Better to wake up early and serve her a Hot Cup of Coffee , Green Veg Sandwich and a Love/Propose Letter hidden in the Newspaper with a Framed Collaged from our Moments of 1st Valentine .  Also would leave a  Video Message on her Skype ID which is a Simulation of Multiple request by our common friends urging her to be on my side year after year J
  • Feb 9 : Chocolate Day : This has already been taken care with Specially Heart Shaped Vodka Filled Chocolate Arriving From Germany and would be delivered to her at the office by Courier .
  • Feb 10 : Teddy Day : Although I am the Best Hughable Teddy & I wish to remain the only one to have this privilege but going with the flow a  Pair of Teddy Holding Heart and with Laptop in another hand ( Yes , She is Super tech savy ) have been ordered from a Local NGO which is handcrafted by Women Self Help Group .
  • Feb 11: Promise Day : Fortunately , We had Made a List of Promises to each other on our First Valentine date and as a Ritual we recheck and Update the Same with our wish list for next year .
  • Feb 12- 13 : Hug and Kiss Day : ….. {Confidential} …Let’s keep this to myself …. Silence too has secrets.
  • Feb 14 : It’s The D Day … Again it’s a Weekend , and best way to go for this date is to Drive out to AGRA on Yamuna Expressway and Get ourselves clicked at TAJ MAHAL … Symbol of Epitome Love saying WAH TAJ ….Followed by a Pool Side Dinner which always set the Perfect ambience to Reexpress the Feelings of “ TRUE LOVE “ …the never ending relation between us of Friendship and Love .
  • Feb 15 : ….. I know the V day is over, But dude this is the “ BILL SETTLEMENT DAY “ for the extensive usages done overcredit card ….. This is time when we start knocking on our friend’s WhatsApp to NEFT some funds with an assurance to repay by 2-4 months in EMI 🙂

Jokes apart , these moments surely take away the sourness or laziness filled in our life due to professional /personal  issues and make us feel as the youthful / young collage going students of 20 who goes to any length to please their crush .

Just 15 more days and I will surely be posting what’s my Mastermind, My wife had planned & prepared for V day because she goes way beyond in throwing surprises which I can’t even come close too.

Till then , Keep reading and don’t forget to express your feeling without thinking of consequences becaz it’s a matter of HEART not MIND and heart don’t goes by LOGIC ..


If You fall short of Idea’s , Do Checkout this Link and Follow the Cupid Idea’s Provided by


{This Post is written in association with Indiblogger and Close Up initiative}

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