Review of Asus All-In-One Desktop

No Matter how mobile the life have becoming with Emergence of Devices which can be carried away along with , there is a long list of People who have worked on desktop for ages and continued to use them as they find better to sit and work along , rather than carrying it keeping work and professional life Separate .

For my professional/personal  requirements is to  use  both type of devices . As for fast computing power to draft , view,amend large size engineering CAD files and even for keeping up with stock market fast buzzing numbers Desktop is the preferred move …While during long cross country visit to client office and travelling for Web browsing ,Mail  ,Presentation or even to watch movies /video’s on bigger screen of Laptop goes well.

One such desktop device which is currently topping chart of Tech -reviews and launched by Most AWARDED window’s desktop brand ( Based on 2014 PC mag readers Choice* ) ASUS is  ” ET2040 inch All-In-One Desktop”

My first Review of the device left with some highly impressive features as mentioned below :

  • Sleek Design : With Reducing Work space due to Super Costly rent for commercial Space , slimmer and Slimmer is the buzzword and this device , a whole 19.5 inch LED monitor is fixed in a mere 14 mm thin case . Eventually lots of Current Tablet occupy more space than this device .
  • In Built UPS : Power back in a power crunch country like India is must and UPS is almost a necessary rather a casual accessory for Desktop . So ET2040 has in-built 1 hour power backup we ensure connectivity for finishes and saving imp work .
  • Super Brain (Intel Pentium Quad Core J2900 Processor) : With Intel Inside , there is assurance outside that this device will perform at lighting speed at Eye Blinking 2.41 Ghz processor to back it up .
  • Gesture Control : So if you have been thinking the Super Power of Rajnikanth to Control the devices and issue order to computers on his fingertips is possible on million dollar gadgets only then this desktop bring best of tech to users like us to try it first hand , so Hand-Gesture Recognition Software (HGRS) in ASUS gave a range of 5 metre to sip a cup of tea and scroll across songs without rushing for keyboard or mouse .
  • Connectivity : Plug your USB /External hard Drive at 3.0 Protocol USB Port and transfer data at lighting speed or view the connect over a projector screen using HDMI port , Compatible to all new gen tech gear .
  • Energy Efficient : 19.5 inch HD  display with  1366 x 768 pixels Resolution in LED Format ensures optimum Viewing at low Energy usuage via LED .

All these Features and with a Service Network in over 80+ cities goes with ASUS commitment of Serving Customers with min issues and fast resolution , so work doesn’t suffer .

ASUS has similarly launched  a laptop with equally amazing features and performance assurance for ON-THE-GO generation namely ASUS EeeBook X205TA

Looking forward to try my hand on both of these power machines soon .

{ This Blog has been written in association with  IndiBlogger and ASUS for Promotion of their Newly launched Devices , Do check out below mentioned link for complete overview and Buy of you like the same : }

  • For ASUS EeeBook X205TA : Click Here or Type in your Web Browser :




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