Hassle Free Selling !

” Digital India ” is the buzzword of the decade with penetration of Mobile Towers and Optical Fibre Cables spreading across town’s and village’s creating a virtual mesh of invisible network keeping us connected 24*7 with the audience of the world .

New verticals of business have been emerged and many have been reshaped in better and improved format with use of technology .  Trending Example is Online Buying – selling of used products , Items which we never get a clue on how to dispose off other then selling it as a junk to local ” Kabadi wala ” or endless wait for a Exchange offer to come or to whisper about the items to our friend/ relative to find someone who can use it well or can just pick it up as a mode to dispose from our  house .

Eyeing on this as a prospective mode to make buyer meet seller via Online platform , let them negotiate and close a deal have seen many website’s launched in last few years and have cracked million of transactions enabling general public and business users let their seconds /old product to square off at optimum price interacting directly. But with more openness, come more issue and there are spammers/fraudster/time-passers who have no intent to buy-sell but put on listings just to collect info/play prank / tease particular buyer or seller wasting valuable time for many .

To resolve , one of the prominent player in this category   ” Quikr ” have taken a step ahead by providing more convenient mode in form of ” Quikr Nxt ” whose function  is self explained by it’s tag line ” No Fikar , Chat Quikr” { Don’t Worry , Chat Quickly } … It’s a Chat Messenger service which enable Multiple Prospects of your product listed on quikr to chat live .Some of the Key advantage this service offer over tele-calling mode are :

  • Privacy of Contact Details : It provide option to hide your number , so people don’t get along your cell until you provide them directly over chat if found legitimate , Not even need to share Email Id .
  • Convenience  to Interact : So like you Fb/Whatsapp Messenger , we can respond at our own free will and time , so no need to excuse us from  imp. meeting or getting disturbed at 7 am on Sunday morning anymore  . Both Parties can respond when free .
  • Sharing Ample details :  We can click pictures , video’s of item as per specific requirement of buyer and share it with individual , so buyer decision can pricing can become accurate and most of remedies get resolved without need to visit the actual location of seller .
  • Chat History : So if you are proposing different price to different prospect , no need to keep a written record as just everything is kept in Chat history , so we can check on the go . It also act as proof of record for the details shared and discussed and can resolve any future conflict based on promises made while negotiations.
  • Out on  Roaming and multiple prospects keep calling then it surely shoots up the phone bill , but  with Chat Messenger and Free Data Roaming available on  all telecom operator , Negotiations for your 4 year old Sofa can go on uninterrupted .

I had already installed this app and hoping to have a good time selling over my Old Blackberry and Samsung handsets with no hassle to buyer located anywhere in Universe 🙂 .

Do let me know if any of you are looking to buy one !!!! May be we can chat over this and many more things on Quikr Nxt platform .

To check more details about this app , Click here or type this URL in your address bar http://www.quikr.com/

Looking forward to read about your experience with this app .



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