5 wishes

Human Nature has an inherit characteristic to dream , knowingly or unknowingly a part of our brain regularly build fantasies in a imaginary world which is ruled by self and their are no boundaries or limitations on what we can achieve there …  Some people name them as goals and work hard day-night to get this into real shape and with luck and hard work on side they do achieve all or few of them in span of their lifetime … Few others realize the available resources are not sufficient to achieve them so they modify or reshape as Sports car get replaced by family car or a trip to USA gets a tick mark if they make a trip to Goa and for balance of human race ( including me ) Surpass those dreams and 100% of their life is spend in meeting basic needs and these dreams only pop up when they are in isolation or while watching movies or games.

But what if you accidently grab a Genie  , who bless you with 5 wishes to be fulfilled without any  T&C . Yes I know next one would be asking what if I was Big B and you were JLo , still consider this option if Genie ( Or say GOD) do get pleased with our honest deeds of current or past life and grant 5 wishes . So with this Hope , I am writing them done so if someday I found the mailing address of almighty , I can send it without any delay  :

  • Around the World in 800 Days : Being a traveler and a photographer , I would love to live , touch , feel , eat and capture the variety exists across the earth in form of culture , food and natural landscape and only after visiting all this can able to decided which part of it I want to spend my rest of life at …. And this Journey I wish to undertake in a Eco-Friendly mode of  Solar Powered Convertible  All-in-one  Bike/Car/Plane/Boat/Cycle .
  • Be my own Boss : Yups , Everyone who is wearing the invisible Clutches of holding a JOB for sake of Financial security and  regular income it provide some day or other wishes to explore its pool of potential and talent to fullest by starting own venture or pursing hobby as his profession . My wish too is to start a venture , nourish it , handover it and start another one ..even if few fails or succeed.
  • Fly a Fighter jet :  Ability to travel faster than speed of sound makes us feel like giving a direct competition to nature’s design of system ..and Yes , for a few million dollars I can Make a MIG 29 or 31 Dance on my Fingers in Russia …
  • Food My way : Love for Food and that to tasty one is the closest to the heart , So I would built a Modular kitchen big enough to keep all the ingredients to have a feast of Multi-cuisine 52 courses meals around the day .
  • Fight the Hunger :  Worst part of Humanity is when a similar form like us in any part of world sleep with half empty stomach so i would like to operate a NGO who runs food center across globe distributing clean and health meal to children , senior citizens and patients .

The list can go on and on but the reality is we can live #befikarumarbhar if we can ensure security and well care of our loved one’s beforehand and various insurance products is surely a way to secure their future by paying a small premium in present



To more now about this campaign ..click here

Visit at http://bit.ly/BefikarUmarBhar


{This post is written is association with IndiBlogger and IDBI federal Life insurance }


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