Small Wonder

Fatherhood is the most rewarding and  challenging task which most of my friends would agree  .As no matter how much we love and give attention to our kid , they have a natural flair of their mother due to pre-birth attachment  .. So the tricks used by a mom doesn’t work well with the father and they have to discover their own unique ways to treat babies especially till they became mature enough to be threatened to keep their high pitch 24*7 activities under control .

I have a 6 month old Baby Boy who is a energy power-packed since birth , who refuges to settle down till time we beg him to rest for a while … So along with attention , he need real human toys as he easily get bored with Plastic /Electronic toys or any repetitive activity we do to  entertain him , So he brings the best out of us in terms of ideas and creativity .

Although babies eat/sleep/play according to their mood and are uncontrollable spirit but foremost requirement of good parenting is trying and setting up a routine for his day to day activities which help us make him disciplined and set his body clock according to normal cycle .

As during day time activities are easy to plan and can be adjusted  if he deviate  from them , but setting bed time rituals are very important as if baby doesn’t get a sound sleep at night , he is bound to make us deprived of sleep and if it happens continuously it’s sure going to adversely affect the mood and efficiency of all and at later stage of baby it becomes too difficult to make him sleep at right time …This point has been highlighted by most of the child specialists ( pedestrian ) and various methods have been suggested which can be easily browsed over Internet or after talking with couples who have crossed this early stage .

As every baby is unique so does the rituals which need to be tried to make baby sleep .Few common one are Playing Soft music in background , Giving Baby shower in night , Massage with baby oil as make him relax and fall asleep quickly , singing  Jingles and Rhymes and various other .

After 2 month of experimentation , Me and my wife have been able to devise a list of activities which has a high probability of our son ARHAM to have a sound sleep through out night ( even 75% is better ) . It start  1 hour before his time for sleep , Firstly with a bath in summers and Dr-Clean of Body with Lukewarm water in Winters . This is followed by a 10 min massage with Non-Sticky Baby oil on hand /legs  . This exercise makes him hungry which is taken care by Baby food in quantity to cover entire night requirement . Then either of us , cuddle Arham in our arms and sing his favourite rhymes till he fall asleep …Then we put him in his cot bed which has a baby monitor attached to it and a audio system which plays soft music till baby goes in deep sleep.  In Initial days , we were surprised  to see even after all the exercise  baby used to wake up right in middle of night , crying at his peak for reason we were unable to understand . On consulting with our Dr. he advised to use all night absorbing diapers of reputed brand like pampers  which come in pant shape too instead of Cloth nappies as they get wet right in middle of night and cause irritation to baby .

After fixing this issue , the percentage of good night where we get 5-6 hour sleep at stretch has increased and even Arham feel’s happy while going on Jogg with us every  morning in his stroller …

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