Buying -Selling Car – Online

Ever Common man has three essential dreams …  Marriage , Home and Car ..

While first one is governed by Age  , Second and third solely depend on Availability of funds . From Day 1 when we start earning  money , a portion of  saving are separately kept for these long term Goals … Earlier in 80’s these were expected to fulfilled at time of retirement because of lack of availability of Credit facility but with growing per capita income and easy loan , people are now able to buy house/car in their 30’s – 40’s .

But GenX want to grow even faster and once they turn 18 want to get a car , even used car in right condition and budget is a pick for initial year to horn the driving skills and enjoy the freedom at whatever money available with him .

Also , we want to do all the work including buying /selling car sitting right on our couch while watching Cricket on TV .

So Quikr Nxt is the thing … Its fast , convenient , Offer complete privacy ,Keep records of the Conversation  and allow to share customize details to the potential buyer /seller based on seriousness of him and the information sought  . Emerging from the Platform of ” Quikr ” who have already set the benchmark in the fastest growing industry which enables a common man like me to direct buy/sell without paying or worrying about the chain of middlemen involved till time at Price which seems good as per both parties estimate .

I own a 2006 model Maruti 800 car which is a token of love from  my parents to me when i completed my Graduation . Along the years I got little chance to drive it around and now as I am moving to Delhi from Jaipur , Up-gradation of Car to a SUV is a natural choice . So I decided to put a proposal to sell my present car and also  pick the best option to buy a SUV . Along this process I learned few things which help in creating a presentable proposal which are mentioned below :

  • Post Picture  of Car clicked from Various angel in Bright Condition .
  • Do mention the Running Kilometer  till date .
  • Mention Major Repair work undertaken during Life of Car such as Denting /painting , Engine overhauling etc.
  • Keep a list if Car was involved in any major accident or have mention in any Govt Incident report .
  • Scan Copy of Documents Can be shared Related to Insurance / Registration/pollution .
  • Compare Your price with Similar Model/Make Posted on Website and try to keep your target price in the range
  • Prepare to justify the reason to Justify the Premium over market rate .
  • Mention the Additional Accessories provided with the Car.
  • Clearly mention who is going to bear the Legal fees involved in Change of ownership of Car.

and with chat app ” Quikr Nxt ” buyer can ask anything but only share info when you feel confident enough on credential of buyer .


My experience as a seller has been excellent with my Maruti sold at INR 1.8 Lakh   ..around 30 K  more than my expectation . Now I am looking to buy  a sedan  and have already shortlisted few on Quikr .


Hopefully I would be a proud owner of a sedan within next 10 days and would share the second side of story soon .


(This Post is written for Activity Undertaken by IndiBlogger in association with Quikr NXT to Promote Online Transaction of Used Car’s , to know more about this Click Here or Visit )


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