The Big Move

When you spend 22 years of your early stage of life at home and that too while getting pampered by parents and older sister, life seems super cool.  Being youngest at home, I enjoyed a long list of privilege and comfort.

I got what I wished to and that too without much effort, I was living a life of Alice in wonderland. My initial year of Schooling happened in home town and then to avoid the giant leap of moving away from my comfort zone ( Hometown)  , I joined   Engineering college for my graduation located close to home .So throughout those  4 years of engineering , our group of friends keep envying students who joined us  from other town and  how they are enjoying their ” Independence ” away from rules & regulation of Parents .Everyday they decide what they eat , how they dress , which class they attend , where they roam around and so many decision they make on their own .

So we bunch of buddies decided to do our Post Graduation away from home town to enjoy the life of “ HOSTEL “ . After appearing for couple of entrance exams based, we landed up at various university located across India. With a wish to become a Techno-commercial professional, I appeared for CAT (Common admission test) and landed in a top notch autonomous collage for MBA in Delhi, the Capital of India.

Delhi (a city or a state or a union territory as different people describe it) is 10 times bigger than my hometown in terms of population and it’s easy for an outsider to get freaked out in the mad crowd.  It was 2006 when there was no metro and people used to commute by DTC buses and media has characterized them as running coffin for commutators. So the dreams of calling myself ” Independent ” vanished when issues related to  ” How will I manage to survive in Delhi ” appeared and with so many unanswered questions , I almost decided to drop the idea of MBA and stay back at hometown .  But after discussing with Professor at my graduation collage, Relatives who moved in other town and seniors who had made similar decision in the past made me realized that this fear had to be conquered … Comfort of Home will take me nowhere, Love for Parents and hometown is good but home sickness is bad and to climb higher steps on success ladder this has to be cured.

So preparing my mind to stick to this decision, I shifted by base to Delhi.  Initially it was tough, very tough to make new friends, to find place to stay, to eat hostel food, to manage monthly budget, to take care of myself. But over a time, things improved and I learned to survive. That was my first Instinct outside home, but the most important one and helped me to take bigger challenges in life

It has been 8 years since and i have moved across 13 cities, 4 countries and 3 continents for work but now things look easy and casual. Now every time I feel scared before taking a life changing  decision, I recall how i gathered courage for the “BIG MOVE ” and it helps me in taking next giant leap .

I am sharing this part of my life to encourage people like me to take on opportunity now matter how hard it seems at start.


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