Baby’s Day Out

In current corporate world where “Greed is Good” has replaced the motto of Fair business, Stress Level has increased substantially and Cut-throat competition makes difficult to differentiate between friends and foes.

Being a integral part of this world where 75% of my day time is spent, wear-tear of body/mind/soul is bound to happen and when it reaches the dangerous level where the power of understanding things turn to zero is the clear indication that I need rest. Although, avoiding such situations are impossible but taking a break from this for a short while is a must and I know where to go to refill myself.

My 7 month old kid is a Notorious little monster and Super-recharged powerhouse. Although in working days my efforts to spend time with him goes in vain , as I start for office before he wakes up and return to home after he has fallen deep asleep . But one night, I found him awake playing with his toys and softly whispering tones picked from a rhyme my wife general sings to make him comfortably sleep. Listening to his voice and watching him doing effort to put thumb of his leg in the mouth made me laugh. Although, my kid got nervous and attentive hearing sudden burst of noise but i was deeply engrossed in noticing his tiny moments and decided to take next day off to be with him.

Next morning, I woke at 6 am and took him to nearby garden in a stroller. We together spend almost 1:30 hour watching trees, listening to birds and collecting compliment on the cuteness of kid. After this we returned to home, to take a long dip in our respective pool’s, splashing water on each other and playing with the cute water toys which triggers non-stop burst of laughter on the confused looking face of my kid. This followed by me trying to dress him up and watching over his never ending “Susu ““Potty “session. I believe kids changes dress more in a day then any film-star requires for an entire movie shoot.  Making them Eat  Infant food is equally challenging task as two hands seems too few to make him stable while trying to feed Nestle “ Cereal “ . Then we got loaded in car and dropped to nearby Kid’s Store (biggest in town) and picked Clothes’, toys, accessory which I think would suit “Aru “. Food, “Masti “, Gossip, Capturing Picture’s, Shooting Video’s while making all possible weird expression’s and among all this the kid’s maximum participation take us down to memory lane to our own childhood when we have fear of none and impossible is never written in our dictionary . As the day comes to dawn and kid gets back into world of dreams without a hitch and his expression resemble a monk doing meditation.  Luckily, all this makes me forget all the negativity around me and fill with a ray of hope and optimism to try and make this a better world.

I too fall asleep within seconds of putting myself in bed and for a change I don’t need to watch TV or Read a book or hear to music to act as distraction for mind to stop thinking of office work and find some rest. Today, my kids face is all running on my mind while dreaming and Duo of us have hit the right knot with our snoring. These Snores are omens that we are ready to take on the world again with ton loads of energy together tomorrow and day after and after forever.

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