Food Habits

Someone very well said that the Way to a Men’s heart is through his stomach … If you wish to win over or try to convince him to do something, first make a meal he cannot resist. Even when asked what people love most about their home, then first is care and second always comes FOOD …  Right from a rural household to a Ultra-sophisticated Urban Family Living in Metro, the connection with the food is common between all.

Healthy Mind Resides in Health Body and to keep body fit & running is essentially dependent on 2 main things: Food Habits and Exercise. With the Fast changing eating pattern and number of options available to choose from increasing with Border-less trade bringing the International  dishes to Indian Dine-table it becoming more and more important to look upon what we choose to eat and how we schedule meal-plans of our Kids . With easy availability of Fast Food at every knock and corner of the society and that too at every price level it affects all income level equally, so a burger can be bought at INR 10 to INR 450 which are tempting on taste but zero on energy off-take leaving extra fat in our body which only increases the risk of lowering of immunity to disease and main cause of obesity.

But to make kids and even adult switch to healthy food, only speeches or awareness program don’t work because the temptation of Tongue is stronger than the barrier put by mind. So with Generation X, Old tricks didn’t work anymore a, it’s only possible when we make our meal tasty and offer variety using all healthy ingredient like wheat/rice/oats/corn etc.

With Kids like something new every day which taste good , looks good , have option in flavors to choose  and full of protein’s , vitamin’s and energy till their lunch break at school . While Adults looks for food which can be quickly cooked and can even be finished in few minutes due to paucity of time at morning .Being from a Tier-II City (as how India has now been divided into), I grown up starting from Milk + Paratha with add on of Fruits to Sprouts to Kidney Beans in Red Sauce and now to Cereals and oats. Cereal and oats are naturally health and easy to digest and are available as option in breakfast across globe and they come on various flavor derived from fruits and also cover dry fruits like almond. And I would love to experiment more with them to make my morning rituals more interesting and fun filling which start with Cup of Green Tea and Breakfast. Wish I could learn some new tricks from Gupta Ji Family and Became the Most sought out neighbor for the beautiful people living around in colony making my Home the epicenter of get-together for the breakfast session .


A Similar kind of Initiative has been taken by Kellogg’s India to Spread awareness and motivate people to take up ready-to-eat-cereal in breakfast and offered 100+ recipes which can be cooked using Cereal as Main ingredient. The have launched a Multi-Platform Campaign across social media. Do check more about this at Facebook Link:  Youtube Link:   And the Teaser video can be watched here:





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