Godly Made!! A New life!

Godly made, intricately designed to perfection with a plethora of details…

Family and friends want to hold her and play with her…

A thing of joy and excitement…

She looked amazingly lovely with her colourful bands…

Her curved back snuggles so well in my palm…

Active round the clock, as she thinks sleeping is a ‘waste of time’…

Accompanying me all day long with her refreshing looks, and when at the end of the day she looks tired, I sit her up in a baby chair (moto stand) to charge her up!!

Her coos, squeals and throaty sounds appear more frequently, craving my attention (Her notifications)…

Shake it baby and there it looks intently at me reciprocating my smile (Her camera is ON with the flip of a wrist!!!)…

She follows instructions so well, ‘you know….sometimes I feel she is smarter than me 😉

Yes! Its none other than my new Moto e, which my parents gifted me to celebrate the birth of my newborn.

15th March was the date when I cuddled my new Moto e in my palms the first time. As I navigated into my new smartphone, it ushered in a whole new feeling of overall quality feel in my hand!

I have named her ‘MotoAsh’, my darling damsel who will always be by my side. She has such amazing appearance that anyone who holds her once, won’t let her sit down!

Some of her stunning features include…

1.2Ghz Quad core processor

All-day battery

4.5” qHD display

Latest Android…Lollipop!


Curved back designed to fit perfectly.

Buttery smooth and super responsive front and rear cameras for the quick capture

Notifications on locked screen

Quick and easy transfer to new phone with Moto migrate

Customizable with coloured bands

Consistent wireless environment with superfast access to video, multiple chatting

Big brilliant display

Ultra affordable price…feels great!

All enveloped into MY MotoAsh.

Thanks a lot to my ma pa for such a lovely gift. Want to spend many years to come with her.

Love u my MotoAsh.

This is all my wife’s story ,how she #chooseToStart with her MotoE ,have a look at her darling on the link mentioned below http://www.startwithmotoe.com/


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