It’s all Start with

Yes , this post has started on a positive note and I would love to hear and say YES to everything in life … Any opportunity , any person , any risk , any venture ..anything till a NO is desired by other party .

So ” to begin with ”  is the toughest part , as a kid the first step , the first day at school , the first slap from mom was the hardest . Not because they were tough or as a platform no one explored before in the universe but due to the limitation of our courage caused by lack of experience . Many people never able to overcome this fear and always wish to remain in their closet and drive their life as Robot . Whereas very few try to cross the dark tunnel with a hope to explore Light on other side .

My father comes on conservative side , who being a Farmer is very slow on accepting changes and start new things .. His routine for many years have been same , almost 9 am – 9 pm he follows the same task , same food , same pattern of clothes every weekday no matter how harsh the weather becomes . On Sunday he spend some time with friends over ” Choupal ” and go to Heritage Temple Located 30 Km away from our village . Fortunately ha agreed to carry a feature phone , which i gifted to him 6 year ago , on which he only call and can only dial number saved on FAST DIAL which are mostly occupied with mine , my sister , mom and grand parents number . Although Tech has upgraded significantly over years , but he refuses to adapt and very happily holding back  his ” No to Upgrade ” Status .

Recently , under Govt Scheme to connect with farmers digitally and to provide info on crops /irrigation/weather/market trends on prices over Andriod App and providing Toll Free Number and occasional Live Video chat to connect with expert to resolve their farm specific queries , my father has taken specific interest in it .  I got this news from uncle as how my father has been asking him to post his queries and make a profile on E-website of agriculture marketing board . I decided to use this opportunity to  make him aware of the benefit of using a Smartphone over Feature Phone . He was really delighted when he First time used Skype over phone to make video call to his buyer and when his comment posted on Govt. App over a response on use of drip irrigation was appreciated and liked by 100+ people .

So finally he agreed to let me Buy him his FIRST SMARTPHONE …. It was a proud moment for me , as I try to use every chance to make their life better as a THANK YOU gesture for what he has done for me over years .  So based on their requirement of Long Lasting battery , Big Screen , Better and  sensitive touch ( Gorilla Glass ) , Good Camera ( to record and share problems of Insect or crop diseases by picture or video to support center ) , Android Based OS ( which is compatible with almost all Govt Apps ) …the new MOTO E_ Gen 2 seemed to be best fit .  It matches  with all the expectations a first time user have from Smartphone and keep it simple to shift from feature phone .

This gift to my Father has inspired many of our neighbor’s to buy a Smartphone and be a part of this ” Digital Revolution ” happening across India which can even help the Grass-root workers to upgrade their skill set and use this new mode of acquiring knowledge sitting right on his chair .

Smartphone is going to play a critical role with availability of Internet over Mobile Network and with telecom penetration going deeper and deeper , the future big bang is here and Moto E is a perfect fit to help almost 300 million + Indian to Start over this transition .



It’s all start with … checkout the feature of New MOTO E – Gen 2 at



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