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My First Date

When everyone gets  busy in putting final touch-up on their makeup and dresses 4-5 days before their First
” DATE  ” usually happens with last minute managers like us ,whose left side of brain doesn’t get kick start before 48 hours of deadline and same happened this time too .. So to start with I decided to reserve a  table for dinner at a Posh Rooftop Restro in 4 star hotel located at 25-30 Km away from City crowd which served the dual purpose of a long drive and privacy . Then came the Gift Part , with the emergence of E-commerce Website , couch potato like us prefer to click and buy online which offers 100 times more ease than Brick and Mortar store’s .

With less than a day , I logged on to FLIPKART ,being assured of their premier services wherein they would deliver the gift in less than 24 hr at my doorstep ..So after scrolling through usual categories for teddy , flowers , artificial jewellery , clothes which I keep gifting her as a sorry gesture every time I forget some date or commitment ( probably the reason Men are from Mars ). My search went to most visited section ;Mobile Phones . Based on user ratings and top reviews, First page was Showing 3 handset from Moto … Brand known for their motherboard and processors ( Ex.Google Mastermind) ,curiously I start checking their specification and found they have improved all the current market benchmarks in term of Price and Specification , highlighting few features predominately ,to which I was amused at the prices they’v quoted:

A.) Design ( The Curves ) : Curves is what we first look at and makes our heart slip over and this Brand have done it magically better than any Hollywood actress . Slim and Elegant makes it a perfect companion .

B) Gorilla Glass ( Tough Outside ) : When the Going get Tough , there is bound to be friction’s and no one likes beauty spots on their face or on the Mobile… In India , where a phone is a utility for 80 year  & a toy for 8 month old , it’s imp. that cell phone screen  is rigid enough to survive …This is a must feature well incorporated .

C) Camera   – Click and share is the buzzword of Gen X and a high quality camera that too with Photo enhancing Feature of  ” Pixel-Master ” gives it a edge over same specs phone ..So Rear and Front camera goes all well in Gen 2 version of Moto E according to budget of buyer

D) Interface ( Made for Me)  :  We love Spices be it movie or food or life.. And plan simple Android makes phone boring …With Moto E Interface  customized based on user feedback incorporated features from High End Moto X to give premium feeling to first time smartphone user .

E) Storage Scheme ( Super Memory ) :  With Option available of 8 GB RAM  and that too with ease of adding Memory card to Expand by 64 GB gives user option to pick capacity based on their need while not trying to make one size fit all story

F) Super Sonic Heart : With Intel inside and Processor of 1.2 , 1.6 GHz ensures the mean machine performs in demanding situation’s and gamer , photographer’s and multitask-er never face time – lag or hanging issue .

And ( Suddenly Phone Rings ) .... " Hey , What's up ...You remember we are meeting on 26th  in Single's bar at 8pm and would watch Thrusday's India-Aus Semi Final  "  ..." Nopes. I am going on date yaar ...26th is the date  ..I can't be with gang " ... " He he he ...Every 3 months  you say similar lines ...Ok tell me who is going with you ... As per last update 3 hours before you don't have any G.F. since 2010 and way going even superman can get you in next 2 days ....When are you going to drop this fantasy " ....... Truly , watching Back to Back Romantic Movies at 2 in the night made me feel like I' am also going on a DATE , but reality is no one is waiting for me on other side ...

Chill ‘ax, This year I got mine and that too the PERFECT ONE ” , ” Kon ha re  ? ” Beauty with the Curves and Brain that too wrapped in Gold …. it’s Gen 2 MOTO E   My new companion , You too check it out and punch me if you can resist it …, sharing the link right now

So it’s no more being part of Single’s Parade with MOTO E on my side , do let me know if you went on date with something unusual like this as I DID 🙂 .. So Love at First Sight Concept Started with this 🙂


{ This Post is written for Indiblogger activity on  #ChooseToStart with the  new Moto E!}



An electrical engineer with Master's in Business Management working with a MNC in Renewable Energy Sector for 6 + years , managing products and travelling across globe for work related assignments . Love to translate thoughts into words and share them with world .

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