Spread the Light of Literacy

India has seen a revolutionary growth in last decade. Our growth numbers look good, GDP is rising , Sensex has crossed 30,000 mark , We now have world’s best airport , Metro train is rapidly expanding and many first has been achieved in field of sports/economy/science.  With highest percentage of population below age of 30 and 2nd biggest marketplace after china, India seems to be the next superpower as predicted by Think tank’s across world by 2050.

But this is one side of story, other being the Rapidly Increasing income disparity . Almost 75-80% of Wealth is concentrated in hand of 10% of total population of India. People are shifting in chunk from villages and small town to metro to seek employment and majority of them are doing blue collar works of cleaner, peon, office attendant or pulling rickshaw. Cause behind this is none other than Illiteracy, as these people have barely attended school or even if they have ; majority dropping out at early stage due to one cause or other. So lack of  qualification comes as major hindrance in getting White collar jobs and becoming part of Next Gen India Growth Story.

To uplift overall society and make our future generation ready to face and fight in a border-less/global  world for best working opportunity and to become top notch Engineer /Doctor/Lawyer/Scientist or excel in any profession they wish to join we have to strike at the root cause which is the biggest barrier between dreams and reality i.e. Illiteracy.

Our country is so vast and unique whose characteristic changes after every 10 miles , so there can’t be one solution to this problem which can be implemented across terrain’s .Multiple NGO’s , Govt. , Private Bodies are working locally state to state , Town to town to design and provide Education at very basic level by resolving concern raised by parents/society/local bodies which are hindering kids from going to school .

One such Initiative is organized by Tata Capital as “India4India” Campaign where Surveyed Online/Offline and   identified “Lack of Education” among Top 5 challenge faced by India. To Fight with this, they have picked Innovative mode of imparting education and one such example is case of   ”BOAT SCHOOL”.

The Idea of BOAT school is Implemented in City of Maa Ganga “Varanasi ” . This concept as introduced by ” Mr. Ajeet Singh ” an Innovator with a heart to spark the Importance of Books and create a Holistic Learning Environment for the Kids belonging to Families with Low Income Level so they don’t roam around the road doing nothing or getting involved in a activities which can only bring harm to their present or future . Below is a short video which highlight the Impact borught upon in Life of few kids :

It’s a second home for these kids where they study, play, chat and learn and get motivated to join school and understand importance of Discipline and education in life.

Mr Ajeet has taken the lead but now he is looking on us to join and support him to expand this concept and providing this home of learning to every deserving kid in Varanasi. If we want this world to be a beautiful and better place, we have to do our bit by sharing our resources in shaping the future of these kids and that too in a better one.  This is what our culture teaches us and we wish to pass the same as our legacy. Check out more about their work at http://doright.in/category/learning-on-board/

And help them raise INR 90,000 to Improve Infrastructure on boat via reapir and maintainence and provide basic makeover by adding computer , toys , library and  other neccesary items for kids to keep them engaged for long hours on boat to do creative things . and I am sure MAA Ganga Blessing’s will pour upon us along with smile on faces of those kids will make us feel alive and a proud contributor of a better future.

Although I end this Post here , But the Journey has just begin …the  Journey of Doing Right . They Call it ” Varanasi Boat School ” or ” Harbor of Learning ” . but i like it as  “BOAT OF HOPE”

Do share Info about this Initiative with hash-tag of #india4india on your social media channels and ask your contact/followers/friends to be a part of this noble cause



2 thoughts on “Spread the Light of Literacy

  1. anjani

    A good initiative taken by TATA but we need to understand that our current education system is archaic. It only churn quantity not quality. It is one of the most important reason on why poor do not send their children to school. We need to address this situation only then the gap between haves and have not can be bridged.


  2. Sudhir

    Overall it’s a good initiatives. Many such innovative initiatives were implemented in past also by many groups and NGO. But still education quality is not improved in overall perceptive.

    We actually need to relook at our history and education system.

    I read somewhere that we were having more than 2 lac Gurukuls in India at mid of 18th century, where one person can teach many things to a group of Shisya (students) that also includes behavioral training.

    We need to establish something like that only in much improved and updated manner.

    It means using less resources to educate poors in a effective way.

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