The Edge Effect – Samsung Mobiles S6

If Nokia and Motorola introduced India to Mobile Phone Concept and increased the Penetration by converting Handset from a Luxury to Necessity Product which was available from low to high price range to pick one all .

Then Samsung Mobile  is characterized to be the torch bearer who Revolutionize the upgrade from feature phone to Smartphone with average phone price increased from 2-3K to 8-9k . Smartphone defined by Stunning Camera , High quality Display , keyboard replaced by touch effect , Screen size varying from 3.5 to 6 inch . Samsung started this journey of categorizing phone as fashion accessory for  segment of users with launch of  ” GALAXY ” Series and since 2008 they have been in Top 3 Mobile Handset Manufacture in terms of Gross Revenue and their acceptance level at Price range from 50 K to 10 K has been phenomenal . On Upper End Its latest launch like Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge rub direst shoulders with Mighty Iphone’s , whereas  Galaxy Grand , Neo keep Brand Conscious People Happy over local Chinese/Indian Manufacture’s  .

Let’s get a first hand review of the top end Models recently launched by Samsung Mobile :

1.) Samsung Galaxy S6 : With 6.8 mm in thickness , its super sleek and the usual machined speaker grille and chamfered rim edges keep the ” Classy ”  feel alive . The Brain of this beast is powered by in-house developed Exynos processor  with 3 GB of RAM and comes with Multiple Storage options ( 32 /64/128 GB ) to choose from . 5.1 inch display have QHD resolution, (  1440×2560 pixels )   protected by Gorilla Glass 4 which perfectly fits in a hand  and last but not the least it has 16 MP / 5 MP Front and rear camera which can anytime compete with DSLR and with option to record in 4K Mode . AT 50 K Price range it definitely offer value for money over HTC One  or LG G3/4 Series .

2.) Samsung  Galaxy S6 ” EDGE “ :  As there exist  niche group of people who look out for a differentiation in every product/service they use , SAMSUNG answered their call by launch of S6 EDGE providing the Stylish Accessory to Flaunt . As name hints screen is extended on both the side around curves , so widgets like clock /weather can be monitored even when main screen is off . Additional in case  of  upside down position of phone ,  flash lights Blinks across curves indicating incoming call customized by color for recognition of caller . Samsung has introduced similar  concept in Note Edge but the curved verions was only on one End .Other Features and Specs are similar to Normal S6 . On Value for Money scale it can score low but on measuring it on Style and Fashion Factor , 10/10 would be the score which remain unmatched by its’ competitor till time .

With the extensive R&D over  Display , Camera , Customised UI and Sync Mobile with wearable devices , the race of new launches to being First Mover is going to get heated among Handset Manufactures  . Among this SAMSUNG Mobile is definitely going to be a Player to keep a Tab on as this KOREAN GIANT reads their customer mind very well and this has been showcased over years through their Design / Marketing /Pricing Strategy .



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