The Xclusive XPERIA effect _ Sony Mobile

We always remember first things in life , first day at school ,first love letter , first slap by parents , first ride , first lie and many other first as more the difficulties we have overcome in achieving them , longer the brain store the memories associated with it .

One of my remembrance is related to first Music Player a SONY WALKMAN … During School days , I maintained 1st position in class 7 throughout the session to convince my father for the device which was talk of the town in 1990’s . The evening i got hold of it , I kept playing a single cassette for next 72 hours till the battery drained out completely . The beats, the rhyme, the surround sound  , the voice in ears was just amazing and it kick started my habit to listen to music whenever i try  to concentrate/focus or want to be myself . I suppose 90% of habitant’s of Planet Earth (No Research has been done on Aliens yet) find music soul soothing.

SONY Brand Has been Credited with many first in field of Consumer Appliances and Electronic goods . Their Product and standards of Quality are used as benchmark by competitors while designing their devices. Carrying on the Legacy my Smartphone happened to be SONY Mobile – Cybershot series. Although SONY HANDSETS demand heft premium in compare to other devices. But SONY Phones/Tab’s are more like prized possession treasured as a Trophy by brand’s die- hard loyal users, myself being one of them.

Sony has come years over since launch of their first phone and currently their XPERIA series of Window’s and Android based Smartphones are best in class.  The Factors which tilts the scale in side of SONY Smartphone’s over other are:

  • There are ordinary shots and there are SONY SHOT: Be It low Light or Under water or object in motion , Camera’s in Sony Handset delivers best among its range and even many of other Mobile Manufacturer uses SONY Built Camera and Lens in their Phone and market it as their USP .. So why not go to the originator and pick one directly from the house.
  • Switch between Phone and Gaming Console: Yes with PS4™ Remote Play.. any of our favorite play-station games can be played on  Xperia Device .
  • Extra Life, Extra Power: With Sony Stamina Mode, Your device would run 2+ Days on a single battery charge which keeps you more in field and less in search of a charging point .
  • Water Proof Phone: So during a road trip if you happen to spot a waterfall, don’t wait to find a safe place to keep your phone. Rather with Sony device, just jump over and click & share the pic too in between the journey from cliff to deep inside water.
  • Transfer Seamlessly :  With NFC option transferring File , Photo , Music , Contacts , Games , Messages and other data is a matter of touch only .. Connect with other devices with a tap and share.
  • Exclusive Xperia Lounge : With Royal Brand comes luxurious benefits , one such is Xperia Lounge App  which gives VIP and exclusive access to Blockbuster movies , Music Launch and Stage Shows . They host multiple giveaways to win tickets, trip and merchandise not available to other users. It can be downloaded from Google play store on any Sony Device.

Mentioned above were the few tangible features available only with SONY MOBILES and give you the Xclusiveness while you show off to the world and feel the sense of pride in holding a XPERIA device.

One visit to my place and you would know the connection as from PSP to TV to Home Theater to Music System to Phone, all display the logo of SONY. Some experience can’t be defined in words and I can bet that once you get addicted to this feeling, shifting from SONY products would be next to impossible.

Do share with me if you have any similar bonding with a brand or product and we can discuss and share experiences in the comments section.


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