Kapil di googly !!

Being a Marketer makes me feel proud ,as we keep on finding/discovering and inventing ( Yes Inventing ) methods unknown to human generation and make they stand and notice ” hey dude , What’s this ??? ”  ..

Yes, we totally love to hear such expression, although what happened afterward can be all together be different story as if how the product fare on the hype and expectations created during its pre-launch buzz marketing. Decade ago , the communication was done on Print  and electronic media and the focus was to provide maximum coverage to product launch event and then creating a 360 campaign around it to get a pull from the market to the product  because one to one interaction was minimum .

Nowadays, With emerging Social Media Marketing brands are able to grab much more attention via medium like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, P interest etc. by directly interacting with their target consumer group and inspiring them to try the service /product first hand as a point of prestige.

So something new is brewing up this time and its “#EkNayiLeague”.  It’s a hash-tag going around internet podium’s in India since 2-3 weeks which started with Cricket Legend Kapil Dev joining twitter and sharing with everyone a key message ” Dil Sa Kheloge tho Harr jaoge ”  ..Around this theme Video’s has been created where Kapil Dev plays the curator and create more suspense around it. Taking a step higher Kapil Started tagging other fellow celebrity on twitter and make them a part of this conversation. There is a dedicated website launched where user can post their logic and guess and can win prizes up-to INR 0.1 Million ( 1 Lakh ) . As Kapil Dev is the face of entire event , the expectation are running very high and while I am typing this post , I am equally Curious to know the other side of story as what’s cooking up .

So Even I tried to google around things to find the answer and impress others of my searching ability (Although my wife would differ on this who says I can’t even locate my wallet without her assistance any day) . So first phrase I entered was “Kapil Dev 2015 ” and I got to know that he attended a Gold tournament in Dubai, wrote a Cheque of INR 5.1 Million to Government of India as a support to Relief Work Happening in Nepal and info on various honor and facilitation he has been receiving across the world for his humanitarian work and contribution in development of cricket but no hint on this league thing . Next I jumbled up with keywords and tried more & more but unfortunately for me and fortunately for the Agency behind this campaign , there are no hint /leak over what’s this about and every search result take us  to the Primary website or the YouTube Video. The video which seems as a challenge posted by Kapil to Self-Admired Junkie’s Like me as to keep searching and take the clue to reach to the end of this treasure hunt with the Dialogue ” Iss League ko dil sa khela , tho aap Hit wicket ” 🙂 .

So, I am definitely impressed and eagerly waiting for the curtains to uncover and “Pajji “to deliver the Keynote about whole of this thing. Till Time , I am going to post my guess not here but at http://www.eknayileague.com/ and may be lady luck decide to smile on me and my wild guess hit the JACKPOT …  So , If you are reading this post before 7th may 2015 , then do click here or copy this address in browser and post your response too .

If you have read/participated/Won in similar type of campaign then do share a line about it in comment section below and maybe we can win this one together and split the prize :).


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