Taxi industry in Silicon city of India

The Capital of Karnataka is the hottest Bed for IT start-up in India. This city has been pioneer and laid foundation for growth of Service sector industry in India since last Decade. You think of an Indian MNC related to Information technology sector and 90% chances are they must have roots embedded in Bengaluru (aka Bangalore).

Also known as Silicon Valley of India, this city sustain around 8.5 million people (As per census of 2011) living in a 750 SqKm of area.  As the city host Headquarters of Billion Dollar size MNC, business travel has seen a significant jump in last 10 years. Even presence of brands like TAJ HOTELS, HILTON, OBEROI, MARIOTT, COURTYARD and other top notch names in Hospitality sector justify the predicated double digit growth of the city.

Keeping up with the trend, Travel and tourism industry have seen emergence of numerous new players offering big taxi services in Bangalore and with this comes option to hire best in class cars/buses and even Helicopter and charted planes as taxi in Bangalore . Among this category of  AC cab services in Bangalore is under high demand due to city’s weather and high percentage humidity content .   International player like UBER have been providing premium cab service in Bangalore where user can pick Mercedes to Manza based on its preference and provide ease of payment through M-banking and e-wallets.

Telecom Penetration has helped and even in other metro cities across India, because from Booking to tracking to Payment all can be handled from these handheld devices.  Many Indian /Homegrown players are making their presence felt and helping this unorganized sector turning into a High Pay / System Operated Industry. They are running behavior and language training courses for drivers, so visitors outside south India can also converse in Basic English /Hindi with driver. They are taking care of safety and backup of customer/car with integrated network of monitoring with GPS.

So from MERU to OLA /Taxi for sure /Easy Cab  to private operators ,  everybody is benefiting and even the end customer gives five star to easiness of finding quick and cheap and professional  transportation . With the increasing reach and more drivers signing in with the taxi provider’s the cost per km would surely be going down in future. Even local resident of Bangalore prefer to hire taxi, so they don’t need to find parking space in the congested market/mall.

So local or outside, cab services in Bangalore have become the preferred and convenient mode of travel for all .


3 thoughts on “Taxi industry in Silicon city of India

  1. Admin Chennai Focus

    Hi Jaichandresh,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and liking my post. Interesting writeup here. Infact Chennai has seen a BIG Change in traveling by Auto after these providers started roping them in to running on meters on their behalf.

    No initiative by the government or the media could do this with all efforts to reign the auto drivers into the get paid by meter pattern.

    I am looking at a scenario where people leave their cars at home and travel using this operator service on a month basis and maybe Car pooling might also become a possibility soon. Nevertheless the idea may not be mooted by this operators for want of business. 🙂


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