Har Ek APP jaruri hota ha

From bulky room size mainframe computing machine used to generate Binary digit Code to a Wearable Wrist watch which can double up as a Smart phone / BP Monitor / Fitness Tracker / Camera / Etc., technology has really grown leap and bounds in past decade.

Communication industry has been front runner of this change which saw emergence of Land-line phones to pager to Mobile Phones. These Mobile phone which are now branded as Smart Phone, are all in one commuting device. They have opened a Pandora box to the developers in form of Apps ( Application ) which is hosted on Various OS  Like Android  , Nokia OVI Store , Apple IOS  Blackberry World , Window’s Store  and help user customize the phone by helping them choose the right app for their requirement among millions of available option.

Every Phone user must essentially download and install the app developed by his Telecom Service provider to maintain their  account with them efficiently reducing dependency on Customer care . Airtel has recently Launched Updated Version of Their Mobile App Listed on App Store as “My Airtel”. Some of the Features of this app which make it strike the right cord with the user requirement and make them keep it on home-screen of this phone are mentioned below:

  • Most of the services provided by Bharti Airtel can be managed from one app – Airtel Landline /mobile, 3G dongle’s, Airtel DTH Account, Internet Data card.
  • It has option to Instant Recharge, View/pay Bill, Add/Remove Services, request for last 6 month bills, View previous recharge date /amount, Lodge Feedback/Complaints.
  • Entire Family Airtel Numbers/connection can be managed from a single device.
  • ” Airtel Surprises “  is a unique concept which on  Shaking the phone after every recharge or bill payment give the customer amazing recharge benefits, recharge offers & free coupons which can be redeemed on any of the participating websites/store like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day, Flipkart.com. Amazon.in and many more are getting added on daily basis.
  • Option to make Payment with Debit/Credit Card, Net banking, Airtel Money (will be added soon).
  • PCIDSS certification makes the app Safe & Secure for payment via app using personal information.
  • It also allows card store feature to help quick recharge/payment for very frequent users reducing need to enter the same details again and again.
  • Dedicated 24*7 Customer Support on App to report Connection/Services error instantly.
  • Alerts for Low balance on Mobile/Data card/ DTH to prompt for recharge and even suggesting best recharge option based on history of past transactions.
  • Alert on Data Usage and help on selecting best Data pack.
  • Reminder for Bill payment due dates for postpaid connection, so user need not pay late payment charges.
  • Fortunately Airtel is not charging for data used to access ” My Airtel ” App .
  • Airtel Live  / One Touch Internet/Wynk can also be explored .
  • Movies, Channels, Plan Selection for Airtel DTH Connection is a touch away using this app.

In short, it’s a key to many locks which can help manage majority of Airtel services used in home/office and as Bharti has Highest Penetration with 1st ranking in terms of Mobile/Landline connection in India, this app is going to ease life of millions of its users and would set high benchmark for other operators to improve their app to provide complete experience to their customer.

If you are airtel user and would like to explore the app features in details then visit at http://www.airtel.in/myairtel. or Click Here .

Do Share your experience with other service providers app in the comment section and may be we can design the perfect solution our-self .


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