Piggy Bank .


MOM….. My Own Multitasker … The keyword itself defines  the nth number of hats she wore in a quest to be able to resolve my unending queries .

Among her teaching for every phase of life , few words she always used to murmur and which is prescribed well on my office dashboard is ” SAVE TODAY FOR PROSPEROUS TOMORROW “  .  She taught me the importance of saving …Saving to be started even from the  smallest of  denomination i.e. 50 paise .  She narrated her experience  of  how she learned to keep several piggy banks for herself . Each one with different tag’s assigned like one for doll , another  for buying sister birthday gift , one for her higher education , one for her marriage etc.  for short term  and long term goals . How every year she used to redefine goals and reallocate money ..How she used to give small loans to her friends in return of some favor or charge interest . Purpose of charging interest was not commercial but to ensure that they return money .. How she asked her friends to  put  their toys as collateral  for bigger amount of loan.. Even though , all this happened as a kids used to play  ” MONOPOLY ”  but it helped her learn the importance of financial planning and she implemented the same technique after marriage and although  her educational qualification does not goes beyond high school but lack of formal teaching  never came in her way to plan and manage money perfectly for education , marriage and all major goals of life for three of her kids including me with a low income as my father being the sole earner of family..

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Save Today , Prosper tomorrow

So at age of 3 itself , I got my first piggy bank and so does the pocket-money .. She helped me in overcoming instant spree to break the piggy bank and spend money on least important things like toy or chocolate or comics or chips ..So inch by inch the piggy bank reached the target saving and then I would check if the goal is still relevant or rather I rewrite a new goal with new target . Growth of my piggy bank helped me in  quickly learning  counting , knowledge of various denomination of currency  , keeping accounting diary to make entry for every debit and credit and all of this was done in a fun-filled environment  as I rubbed of  this habit to close friends and won appraise from  teachers and relatives for being so effective in calculation and mathematical counting   . And yes , beyond this Mom used to add element of surprise by  putting extra money on special occasion or letting me keep the loose money left from grocery buying .

So moving ahead  in period of life , Learning extend with guidance on ” SHARING ” and ”  SPENDING  ”  . So part of SHARING lesson  included  visit to old age home and orphan house to share part of our wealth with the underprivileged of the society and feeling the warmth of blessing and wishes obtained through this , as this make us feel true HUMAN . Lesson on ” SPENDING ” habits were taught at marketplace when I used to accompany Parent and be a silent observer when they made a checklist on things need to be bought  followed by inquiry about products , comparison between option  , bargaining with various seller  , final check and then buying it to keep within target budget .

This is a lifelong process but  things learned in a casual way at very early stage of life have put a very solid foundation in place and I am thankful to  mom for this and for numerous other things she had done and keep doing it with no expectation  . Hope , I can pass on this  love , affections and good habit to next generation to her grandchildren to be part of this legacy .

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