Review – Telangana Solar Policy

So everyone was looking forward to the Telangana solar policy which is late considering Govt. have already floated a tender for 2000 MW worth for solar Project at Lowest Tariff of INR 6. 23 ( Approx ) as benchmark price for reverse auction on discount offered over feed in tariff  . Sneak Preview of major highlight of policy are as follows  :

  1. Policy Validity – 5 years &  the incentive validity – 10 years
  2. For Solar Rooftop under Net-metering  ,APPC rate would be payable and monthly settlement would be done  .
  3. The ceiling limit as per the land ceiling act will not be applicable for any land acquisition for Solar Power Projects and Solar Parks .
  4. The wheeling and transmission charges are exempted for captive use within the state. They will be charged as applicable for third party sale. The transmission and distribution losses however is fully applicable for both third party within the state as well as captive use within the state.
  5. Power scheduling and Energy Banking : . Banking Period 12 months ( Start from April ) ,  Banking charges  2% . The banking year shall be from April to March. Banked units cannot be consumed/redeemed in the peak months (Feb to June) and in the peak hours (6 pm to 10 pm).
  6. Electricity duty & cross subsidy charge waived 
  7. Refund of Stamp Duty and 100% VAT .

It would be worthy to watch how policy is shaped further and implemented by State Discom’s and if these benefits help in full subscription of 2000 MW worth of Capacity .

For Entire Document Visit the Below mentioned link or Click here


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