Bar-be-que over Interview!!

(I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.”)

This topic raised my ears once again, made my brain go back in the memory lane some 9 years back & brought pangs of laughter reading the context mentioned for the topic!

Most of us would definitely have had a funny incident around #Sniffsniff, My story starts with the time when we were graduating in MBA .With continuous classes from 8am -8pm ,presentations ,projects ,preparations for the campuses ,2nd year of MBA had taken a toll on us ,mostly for people like us who were experiencing a part of hostel life wherein cooking /cleaning was also a part of our curriculum;)

Female’s were still on a better side but for the boys things were all the more difficult (along with managing the parties which they could not skip at any condition;)) .Those red eyes in the next morning classes,drooling over the desks post morning sessions , a quick dry-clean in campus loo’s, with Paneer/Chicken smelling out many times when these guys opened up their mouth to say “Good Morning” , these were regular trends specially during the trimester seasons ,with ready reasons in hand as “Oh!!We studied till 5 in the morning & ate till 6” J.Well for us, these were the moments to giggle & mock at these lovely gangs, the so called “MBA friends”. These impromptu situations often led to hilarious nomenclatures for them as “Look Tamatari Paneer is there along with his Rosy red eyed roomie 😉 & there the red hot sulky Sock-cer (guy who even used to wear his socks for 2-3 days at a stretch..yakk) is back again!

Having sniffed off all sorts of odors starting from sweaty shirts to socks to chicken/Paneer gravy & onion to sometimes even “Chakhna’s” ,my nose had become very sharp with time & could sense most of the “whiff with sniff” 😉

Inter mingled with these instances ,me & my friend faced a very amusing incident .Just as the semesters were on the end ,the very next day ,we had the first company for Campus placement .So as part of every semester end ,there was a party organized to enjoy the last semester & beginning of the Campuses .Indeed ,it was a great fun ,while the girlie gangs ended the same by 12 midnight ,but to have more fun ,we partied till 6 in the morning..Completely drunk, sleepy, tired, hardly did most of us realize that the day of 1st Campus had initiated & in next 2 hours panel would be there to acknowledge their uphill struggles of MBA & judge them!

As usual with the lack of enough time, loo had turned instant bathroom, & complete team was ready to take head on. Since it was initially presentation rounds, we were being called in groups of 2-3’s. It was my turn along with my batch mate –Rahul (Tamatari Paneer), whose entry marked this moment .His dress up, was quite perfect but his senses were not! As soon as we begun answering them, judge’s panel questioned us “Guys, what you did last night? For a moment I was taken aback but Rahul took it as a general question ,answered with perfect ease citing Exam Hangover & readiness of campus placement .Hardly did he realize that he was smelling of Fish curry & the clean pristine room started smelling foul because of that & yes ,as expected on hearing his confident answer ,panel was amused & shocked ,but it took hardly 2 more minutes to make me realize that this interview had turned into a “Full time lecture” on Time management & basic etiquettes & had ruined my very first chance. So, for next 30 minutes, it was a one sided session & somehow I was a part of it! Sooner did we emerge out, & narrated this incident; there were laughter pangs all over. Although I was called in individually by the panel & I got selected in the campus but it was actually a moment of pride & distress, pride of being selected & distressed due to the turnaround of events.

9 odd years have gone, but this incident has made a mark my mind & it makes brings out my chuckles of just remembering it!

Aren’t those old days a part of immense joy…Those no- worries ,those smiles ,those parties ,that mis- management ,those nomenclatures…Definitely miss old beautiful days!

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniff activity at BlogAdda.


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