Skin tips for Summer

Pimples /acne/Dark circles are little monster which are well known to make guest appearances in form of worst nightmares at a time when we least expect them. Although there is no single reason/cause behind formation of these beauty spots on face, general reasons attributed to increase the probability are as follows:

  • Dust and Pollution: Dust particles in the air which get settled on the face are the most prevalent cause for pimple formation which happens due to reaction of this particle which sweats on the face.
  • Stress:  With high demanding professional live of new generation, the hormonal change caused with high level of stress is also a prominent factor for dark circles and acne.
  • Unhealthy food habits : PH. level of body is affected by our food intake and with dependence on junk food is increasing in our life due to scarcity of time to cook at home and temptation of taste buds cause a dis-balance in acidic level of our body resulting in appearance of pimple /acne .
  • Lack of Exercise: With Digital Revolution, people are getting more and more glued to their couches as doing shopping to chatting with friend to taking virtual tour across the globe is done with a single click of mouse and have restricted our movement causing poor blood circulation, lack of muscular movements, no jogging, no walk have increased the rate of aging of our body and skin.

As saying goes ” Prevention is better than cure ” , in case of getting publicly embarrassed or feeling less confident because all over attention remain stuck on the little monsters sitting right on our face which seems like challenging our authority and making fun of our helplessness over so little control we have over them . Since ages, home remedies have been passed on from

  • Wash face regularly with cold water to clear of dust particles
  • Face mask of Curd /Milk which gives natural coolness to face.
  • Increase intake of fruits like papaya, Guava which help in balancing PH level of body.
  • Apply Honey on the Pimple /Acne marks which help in quick healing.
  • Avoid eating junk foods.
  • Use Olive oil in cooking instead of “GHEE “.
  • Early Morning Walk / Jogging helps skin to breathe and maintain proper blood circulation and improve digestion too.
  • For Removing marks left by old scares, EGG white can be an effective remedy to cure it naturally.
  • Herb and Green tea must be a part of daily liquid intake which reduce bacterial growth on skin .
  • Never ever keep poking on the acne or their breakouts on the face as it will deform them and increasing the healing period and may leave marks behind them  .
  • And lastly but most important , never let these small issue put a dent over your confidence or make you hide from making public appearances because people love your character and few spots never change what you are capable of doing the saying goes ”  Product is more important than packaging ” .

Hope the above tips would help protects or reduces chances of bacterial growth on skin which make home on our face and show up in form of pimple / acne as their trophy mark.

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