Holy Shit ……. Really ?

SHIT ….holy shit …No No ..this is your Darling’s .. Your’s one and only Cute 9 month old Kido’s Prasad … Uhhh , Not again !!!!


A routine conversation between Me and my wife  goes  as follows now-a-days :

Me : How many times I have told you to  keep him in diaper pants , you must not leave him open or in cloth nappies as they are not able to hold his droppings . I can now see the marks and the smell of his offering across the house right from my bed to study table to bit on my cell phone and laptop too . images

Wife : This is going way beyond .. Hon. ( It’s not a abbreviation of Honorable but it’s what happen after 6 year of marriage where honey becomes Hon) , I am totally left confused between all together different opinion . As our parents orders me to keep timu ( My 9 month old Little monster ) in cloth nappy as diaper can cause allergy and may leave rashes on the skin , whereas doctor and you suggest to keep him in diapers to avoid leakage and long session of sleep and cleanliness in house .

Cleanliness , Yes it has become a big issue since my kido start crawling across home and his potty training session are still 6-8 months away , we seems to be living in a Bathroom , as his unpredictable and too frequent rounds of giving out ” prasad ”  in form of Susu /Potty have covered every knock and corner of our house and clothes . Even if the contents are cleaned , the smell last for a long time and I believe every parent must have gone through this phase . In between the war of using nappy and diaper , I am left with work of a solider to be on alert and keep a round clock surveillance on kido and track his movement , so on first sign / indication of change in his facial expression , have to pick and rush to loo to prevent the missile to drop at wrong target . A slight error in duty would cause long session of abuse of being careless father , TV /Phone/Laptop addict , Non -cooperative , Keep find few minute for own kid , How’s a wife is suppose to be at all the place and Blah Blah Blah 🙂 .hqdefault (1)

Generally the  measures adopted after cleaning up the droppings  starts with wrapping around handkerchief on our organ raising red flag on pungent smell ( nose )  followed by either opening up all door/windows making way for fresh air , Multiple spray shots of room freshener at/around point of contact ( Sounds like a doctor giving Local anesthesia ) ,   Sometime putting up talcum powder if the zone is bed-sheet or clothes which carry smell for longer duration .

Infants are not going to change overnight and this phase is unavoidable for all the current or future parents . So may be a product like ”   Ambi pur ” can be the god sent angel which solve this ENIGMA and let us enjoy the happiness and smell the goodness and warmth of our kids without have to live with the side-effect of parenthood …at least this one need to be resolved …

“I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity atBlogAdda.com in association with Ambi Pur “


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