See the Unseen .. My Way

Now-a-days,  I am unable to understand what is changing fast, activities of my 8 month old kid or Mobile tech. I know, both issues are way apart of each other but these are the only one  which are discussed throughout the day with family /friends and  office colleagues.

Everyday Print /Electronic /Social Media are flooded with news of exclusive leaks of Picture/Video/Specs of new smartphone but after they are launched, all of them seem copy of each other. What changes are the TVC and the packaging of the box? Although, I am an early adopter of tech. and do frequently upgrade smartphone’s, but have lately not seen a phone which has brought revolutionary   experience for the buyer.

I have been following ASUS since they started their Zenfone Series; reason behind is their true commitment to bring Phone with features looked upon by masses. They have always kept a balance between price, user experience, availability and an experience made for all. Recently they have announced Another Gem in this series namely ASUS “Zenfone 2 “with the Tag of ” See the Unseen ” . While browsing across web, I finally found the right reason to switch over to this phone on Day 1 of its launch which is summarized below:

1.) Camera: To be part of super-active social media community, Selfie’s are must and with a 5MP front &  13 MP rear PixelMaster (TM) camera it’s a perfect partner in crime. Especially Low light Photography and Real tone flash Ensures HD quality Picture with Zero Shutter Lag prompting us to leave our DSLR camera back home.

2.) Processor: The heart of the device, 2.3GHz 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processor is the fastest and the craziest super sexy beast which make this phone stand apart from other and make multitasking and gaming experience a delight.

3.) RAM: 4 GB is massive which till time is available in Tabs only and it’s the biggest plus point of this phone. So the processor is very well supported on RAM side.

4.) Design: Putting Volume control and shutter button rear mounted near Camera lens fits the phone to be used by one hand and the 3.9 mm thickness for a 5.5 inch full HD IPS display will make watching videos and movie’s experience better compare to many of the Smart TV’s.

5.) Customized & personalized User Interface : Zenfone Series have been a hit among its 15 Million plus users due to Apps and Customized UI based on feedback and availability of constant Updates and this version adds to it be hosting ZenMotion, SnapView, Trend Micro™ Security apps which secures phone and data from invisible virus and hack attacks .

6.) Super Charging: With Multiple apps running actively and in background, Battery drain is the Common issue faced by 99% of phone users. And with Addiction of keeping the device glued to our hand to refresh Emails/WhatsApp/Instagram every 30 second, our phone has very small window to charge itself. So Asus have come up with “The 18W BoostMaster adapter ” which will boost battery power up-to 60% in less than 40 minutes .

Along with this, the look of phone is so amazing that I Jumped to grab and hold it in one glance. The Colors/accessories are well planned to flaunt it like a style statement as a reflection of My attitude.

If this post act as a starter and you want to dig deep on the Features, Do check this link  by clicking here and let me know as I have already found my love and see if you get inspired too .



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