C for Cricket

In India how Alphabets are taught ..  A for Apple , B for Boy , C for CRICKET .  Yes , when the kids around the world recognize alphabet c by  it’s association with CAT  . In our country across state , religion and caste , even infant can says Cricket before learning many common syllable.

Indians Crazy for the game is incomparable where people forget their own birthday but remember the Date , Month & year and our country won first World Cup . When World talk of game like Football , Rugby , Polo …our discussion start and ends with cricket .

Over the decades , People choice have changed drastically and the have tried to keep up in pace with the Technology . So Landlines have been replaced by Smartphones, Post Card with Email’s , long conversation with LOL , Love letters with 140 Characters SMS /Tweet , Kerosene Lamp with Solar Lantern . What has grown over ages and passed over from generation to generation is Love for Food and Cricket . What our Grandparents used to carry a Transistor weighing more than my backpack and tuning in to ” AIR FM GOLD ” to get commentary from stadium is now followed on Large Screen Jumbo sized LED TV at home with Family , Over Drinks at a Bar with Friends and Even in Meeting Room on Projectors at office if Indian Team is Playing .

My craze for the English version of ” Gullie – Danda ” is no different and can share expert advice  right from selection of shot by Dhoni over a Short pitched delivery  to how West Indies Cricket board Can manage Tantrums of Chris Gayle to which players must be included in Delhi Daredevils team to perform well in next IPL … and this passion has resulted in birth of many funny excuses and twist in day to day working life which help me in skipping work to watch the match . Few of the are :

  • My Maid Husband has Landed in Jail and I have to go and help him on Humanitarian ground .
  • Resident welfare society of my building has decided to Contribute to Swach Bharat Abhiyaan today and being a Member of the same and a true INDIAN , I have to be part of it .
  • Boss , I remember your anniversary is coming and I have been looking for a secret gift for you . Have to take a Day OFF to arrange the same .
  • One of our BIG client is stuck at a place and he want me to watch and provide LIVE commentary throughout the day . As per our company policy , Customer is king and want your permission to stay back at home for the same .

The List goes on and on which starts right from School days and continue till today .. 90 % of My Sick , Casual , Paid Leaves are reserved for the match days and I believe they are worthy for the Bigger purpose of CRICKET .

May Be this misery can end soon with new Browser which provide Live /Offline cricket audio/video content on the go with zero lag or buffering issues .. I am ready to try it with upcoming One day series .

Check out how http://www.ucweb.com/ have developed a Dedicated UC cricket Section and how Yuvraj Singh has fallen in love with it


2 thoughts on “C for Cricket

  1. Admin Chennai Focus

    So we unite here. Not surprising though but being a female, I remember those odd looks when I insisted I play cricket with other boys. Nice post and keep blogging. And the reasons you have for bunking work, filmi log can take a thread or two. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person


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