Wonderful things 4G can do !!

With Airtel Launching 4 G services across India and that too at Price Plan matching to 3G , A major shift is expected to happen among users to either upgrade or shift under MNP to airtel to experience high speed data services . With Testing of 4G started almost a year back , even the handset manufacture picked the clue of  the future tech. trend in India and had already launched a slew of Mobile Phones compatible with 4G in price range of 5k to 50 K .International brand like Samsung , Gionee , Xiaomi ,HTC , Sony along with Indian Counterparts like Micromax , Lava , Xolo , Karbon and others have multiple handsets in offering with many new version lined up to be launched in 2015 itself .

4G coverage would go long way not only benefiting individual users with reduced Downloading/Uploading time but would provide a major push to Government Initiative of  ” Digital India ” in which last mile connectivity and fast browsing connection is a must . Some of the benefits 4G is expected to deliver are:

  • Watching Live streaming of Video at HD quality: So if there is Ind vs Pak Cricket match on weekday and you have an urgent meeting to attend then watch the match right on your phone as 4G enables your HD/UHD smartphone to give TV like picture quality.
  • Downloading / Uploading Big Ticket files over mobile :So your laptop battery run out of charge and you had a presentation with Detailed Charts / Projection and Futuristic  product designs making it 100 MB + size and now wondering will you ever able to download it on phone before client arrives .. Then yes , with 4 G on your side it’s just matter of second without need to compress pictures or charts .
  • Video Chat among users at HD quality :With Apps like Skype , Hang , google hangout enabling connecting multiple users over a single session to hold Video Chat is a boon for Personal /Professional Users to interact face to face even sitting miles away from each other . For Business, it would save lots of cost in form of reduced travelling expenses and Valuable Man-hours wasted while stuck in traffic jams.
  • No time Lag in Sharing of files and Data
  • Accurate and On – Time GPS positioning.
  • Using Mobile for Video Surveillance Monitoring.
  • Corporate users can Access Enterprise Applications like SAP , ERP on Tab/Mobile phone on the go with 4 G network
  • Medical Examination with HD quality video sharing will help provide critical medial support in Remote locations from City center.
  • Attending Virtual Classroom over mobile phone on 4G network– Education for all Initiative can really take off as no need to deploy Instructors and make infrastructure expense on schools when teaching can be imparted over Cloud and access on Mobile with 4G network.
  • Improved Call Quality and Lesser Drop rates.
  • Secure connectivity with Safe protocol on 4G .
  • No need to take backup lease line connection if main connection fails, as 4G can be used as backup.

and the list is endless with possibility going beyond horizon as 4G would surely help E-commerce industry goes into 2nd generation mode and when Bigges like Flipkart , Myntra , OLA going App only then the importance of High Connectivity goes manifold as Billions of Dollar of Revenue collection would depend on Web Browsing Ease and speed .

Looking forward to watch Wonderful things happen around 4G!!! Till time, happy surfing


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