Connecting Brand with Social Influencers

How did companies shortlist candidates for filling up vacancies in their organization, either applicant approaches firm and share his credentials or firm ask for referrals or print newspaper ads or put job posting on their web’s or the most popular one is to use third party job portals which fills up the GAP between two providing targeted, well measured database of employee and Employers and acting as match makers between the two .

Similarly to connect and help Brands in searching /accessing /shortlisting  most appropriate  bunch of social influencers for the target set of audience , various platforms/websites has emerged  last 4-5 years which had hit the sweet spot and are bookmarked on browser of every digital marketers across borders .. So whether you are a budding blogger or someone with growing no. of followers on Twitter/Insta/Pinterest/FB etc or one which have significant web presence , you must be  visible and active on these platforms which measures and segregate the influencers using various algorithmic tools accepted worldwide .

Lets’ Look at top 5 of them based on their popularity with the BRANDS  :


  • Kred  : Kred Influence Measurement, or Kred, is an influence measure run by PeopleBrowsr . It uses an openly-published algorithm which provides discrete scores for a user’s overall social network participation as well as its affiliation with interest-based communities. One can see an Activity Statement recounting every action that has added to their Influence and Outreach scores and at same time access others Activity Statement to review the sources of their score and improve targeting.
  • Klout : It uses algorithm to provide score  known as “ People Rank “ which uses past 90 days data across platforms like  Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, +, Tumblr, Foursquare, YouTube, Blogger, WordPress etc  and provide a score on scale of 1-100 and said to have 400 million + registered user on it . Recently they started offering Rewards to Influencer in form of Discounts and samples from Brands .


  • BuzzSumo : It’s a content marketing tool that measure how  content performs online and breaks down that performance across domains, keywords or topics. It provides Content Analysis report along with Content Alerts feature which has option to choose from Keyword / Link / Author/ Domain type alert.   It has paid subscription for its services and boast of “Wells Fargo, Yahoo, and Symantec “among big ticket users.


  • Blogmint: Founded  by “ TO THE NEW Ventures, “   Blogmint is one of the fastest growing &   leading automated platform that connects brands and bloggers which have already on-board close to  16k+ Active Bloggers,  870 Brands in short span of their launch . It helps Brand to identify and engage most appropriate social influencers to create powerful social and video content over platform of their desire. Brands as well as bloggers  get detailed real – time analytics  in form of “ Blog-Score “ calculated using Alexa Rank , Domain authority , Page rank , Tweets outreach and various other measurable factors .
  • Traackr :  Founded in 2009 by Pierre-Loic Assayag & David Chancogne , it act as Influencer connecting Platform as well as  Data services  which enable user  to access and integrate Traackr database with its own CRM management tools to search for influencer for any topic and extend service in form of contact and Tag Management . It mention names like Coca Cola , Fidelity , Adidas in its current customer list .



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