From Idiot box to Ideal Box – Television

For ages , parents have been trying to keep their kids away from TV , defining it as a Box which  sort of hypnotize people and keep them glued staring at the changing color of screen  for Hours. Although in 80’s there were very few privileged household who own this  Golden Trophy namely ” TV ” and only DD was broadcast for few hours in a day . But with Rapid Advancement in Tech. Shape , Cost and form of TV has entirely change and DTH /Cable services now has 300 + options of TV channels including international genre available at the click of a button or going forward would be available at simple gesture of hand .

My parents was no different and they too consider watching TV as complete waste of time with zero learning and rewarded me with 5 rs extra in pocket money on the day I skip watching TV  . But as generation changes , so does the thought process and now When I have became parent of a 1 year old kid , I think TV is the second best tutor after parents if approached in correct way . So , although most of DTH/TV comes with ” Child Lock ” option , I believe kids are smart enough to predict the password and tweak it as per their wish . Even Mobile phones seems more friendly to them at age of 2-3 , which we adults struggle some time to understand the use of certain apps .

I am surely going to allow my child to watch selective content from various TV channel which are informative , Educative , Entertaining and motivational . Few of the shows which are already on my list are :


  • The Jungle Book: An adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s original book shows  the colorful life of a jungle boy and the wonderful animation kept kids hooked to the show getting acquitted with wildlife in simple form .
  • Discovery of India :  TV series based on Book written by our Ex. PM Mr. Nehru .
  • KBC : Quiz contest which help increase IQ of the child and motivate him to learn .
  • The Amazing Race : Reality Show in which Couples travels across world to compete in time based task to win rounds and ultimately the race with Hugh prize money . It motivates to travel to know about various cuisines , culture and way of life beyond our country with a feel of being GLOBAL CITIZEN.
  • Potli Baba Ki : Puppet show series  based on tales written by Gulzar Sahib  was entertaining as well as Moral story tied to them narrated in very simple way .
  • TOM & JERRY : Light Heated Cartoon series of Friendly Rivalry between a cat and mouse .
  • Animal Planet Show’s

And the list will keep  growing and updating based on respective  age of our kids .

It will also help in Real time learning , so when we visit  Thar desert in Jaiselmer (Rajasthan ) and  I show him the Discovery show on how People live and survive in desert , Why Camel is known as King of Desert , what sand storm are etc. , kid can make a direct connect with it .  He will be more motivated to sit and study continuously during exams without his mind wandering on  what all he is going to miss on his fav. TV show , as 50 GB of Hard disk will record everything as scheduled and he can watch all once exams get over .

Definitely as a parent I have to keep a watch on what my kid watches and with TATA SKY Transfer box , Parents can record and transfer the specific content on a educational TAB and can hand over it to their KID . So even when he is at home or away with friends or travelling , he is watching something constructive and suitable content according to his age .

These few reasons can surely help us convert the Idiot Box into a Ideal Box for Kids which ultimately


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