Heart-line of my lifeline !!!

My wife plays so many role in a single day as of Cook , Cleaner , Gardner , Bargainer , Daughter – In Law , Blogger , Working Professional  , Teacher , Mother , Wife etc. It makes me wonder ,  if all women’s are shifted from doing household chores to Corporate world …May be unemployment figures would jump 10 times , as most of the employees would not prefer to hire men , as we actually can’t compete with the Multi-tasking ability of the fairer gender .

Even though , Mine Lady of the House takes the responsibly on herself to take care of Well-Being and Healthy Lifestyle of all 3 of us and she is doing way better than I can ever managed . But beyond 30’s , we have to be extra cautious of our heart , as anyhow India seems to be staring at heart disease epidemic with the prevalence of heart failure in India due to coronary heart disease, hypertension, obesity, diabetes and rheumatic heart disease has increased many fold in last few years , even faster than what’s prevalent in West . So if Human body is a computer than mind is know to be it’s Processor  ..but importantly ,  It’s the RAM ( Heart ) which controls how much , long  and fast can a system go  . So a Ultra fast processor with a 256 RAM is like USAIN BOLT running with 100 KG weights tied to his legs .

So , We took this Heart – Weight Test at to check our status and surprisingly we were doing well and even our BMI numbers were within limit .. Partial  credit of it goes to our Lifestyle which is No-Smoking , No- Drinking and taking our meals right on time .. Few other ways which has worked well for us , would like to share with all  :

  • Accounting your calories : Yes , accounting of calories is more important than  accounting of wealth as without health , wealth is of no use expect  but to buy Lifetime supply of expensive medicine , which no one wants to eat . So note down what you eat , check the calories and make a excel – sheet/chart or use one of many online tools available to monitor if your intake is within the limits or going away.
  • Walk – Jogg – Walk : Yes , depending on your age 30-45 min. session mix of Walk – Jogg & Walk is must either in morning or late evening when outdoor pollution level is low .
  • Gym/Yoga/Zumba : With Celebrity Promotion and Our Hon. PM’s Endorsement , YOGA is getting back in life of common Indians and it definitely has worked well in increasing and improving blood circulation in body .
  • Check the labels : So every time when  going to supermarket to buy packed food , do check for  “saturated or trans fats ” mentioned in any content or better change practice to buy healthy fresh food .
  • Olive /Canola Oil : Indian Kitchen have a tradition to measure love with amount of GHEE poured in Vegetables or Breads .. But it’s time to switch to Olive/Canola Oil as you don’t want your arteries blocked with cholesterol .
  • Late night Carvings : With change in sleeping pattern and motto of ” Late of Bed and Late to Rise ” , Owl’s like me and my wife remain awake 3-4 hours after dinner and for those late night carving instead of chips / junk food , we replace it with fruits / Dry fruits or anything with fiber  .
  • Get a Band : Not the friendship band but a Health band  wrapped your our wrist , Which counts  steps , measure heart beats , BP and display over APP installed in your mobile and help in setting and measuring if we are close to our fitness goals . It also triggers alarm if any of the body vitals crosses threshold and even share data with out family doctor and send SMS/SOS for medical help .. Tech is amazing , we just have to learn to use it in our favor .

So while the Home minister of our house keep trying to look out  for us , I try to ensure that her schedule remains intact and so does her health .001

So may be many of us have never thought on these line , but I suggest and urge to join this initiative of #ProtectHerHeart started by  Saffola Life as it goes long way in taking showing we love and we want to take care of people in our life .

{I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda. }


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