Selecting Mobile Brand – Look for after Sales Service

With New brand entering in Indian Market almost every week and almost 10-15 new handset are being launched on daily basis by existing Indian , International Brands . Most of the tech blogger’s have been kept super busy in reviewing these devices and they use all Hi-tech Benchmark scores to compare and suggest how that particular Model /Brand is going to Revolutionize the industry and is best of its class till time . This is followed by Flash Sales , Limited Edition Launch , Invite only sale and buzzword trending across Social media channels almost making you feel to this being your dream gadget and you have to click and buy now to be called Fashionable and this brand is really the best thing happen to you .


Yes , but one criteria which is mostly ignored by online/offline reviews and create the maximum impact for general buyers like us which retain phone for 2-3 years before shifting to another one . AFTER SALES SERVICE … so before reading ahead just check how good is the customer care service / support center or ease of finding a repair center for the Brand of phone you have just bought .


In the craziness to grab the deal before it’s gone ( As E-commerce companies are marketing these days ) , no one care to check or find even if the Brand has a service center in the city of purchase or how good is their replacement warranty /guarantee  program . Another area is cost of replacing part and how quick it can be done . So let me share you my case .

I bought a so called exclusive handset on 3rd attempt in flash sale based on online reviews which has been marked as ” PICK ” by 9 /10 recommendations . I felt proud being a owner of such a gem and was boasting /recommending many to follow my footsteps  too . 3 Months of usage and one day the touch screen got cracked and it stopped responding  while travelling in train . General understanding is Physical damages are not covered under warranty and I understand it is a standard rule .

But I have to get it replaced , so i dropped a message on their social media account to provide detail on service centre and customer care no. to check the cost for replacing screen . The team forwarded website link which marked 6 centre in Delhi . To my utter surprise , 5 of them have already been closed 1.5 month before and they were all shared centre working for 10-12 brands . Finally on 6th centre , the team informed that the screen would cost 8500 INR and would take at least 3-4 weeks to import after paying in full for the part in advance .

So the reason I got is the company has launched new model and they are not keeping any inventory of old model , even the handset was launched only 5 month before . I don’t knew what to do as even the Screen cots is more than 65% of total handset cost and waiting for a month for repair is impossible as all work get stuck without mobile .

When I further Inquired , I found they have only 6-7 working service center across INDIA  and rest are just collection center which collects handset and forward to service center . So if you are living in a Tier-1 or Tier-II city and even have minor issue of sim tray , it would take 2-3 week to resolve the problem .

So my recommendation goes as when you intent to buy a handset , do check review of their after sales support via phone /Mail/Online chat and specially response time of repair/replacement of parts/handset.  And for money savy buyers also check for replacement cost and availability of Screen & Battery which has highest probability of getting damage .

Even through this post , we would like to advice new brand which find launching product and selling super easy via eCommerce websites that to build a strong backbone while entering in market as this definitely affects for Future Road-map and opinions of people in India are very difficult to change.

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