Festival of Togetherness — DIWALI!!

World has changed, meaning of Relations has changed, spirit of festivities has transformed, mode of celebrations & wishes have revolutionized manifolds but amongst all these drastic transformations, lies a heart full of emotions for the near & dear ones.
Study & then job has got be miles away from my first family, Mom dad ,sister but it’s the emotions of Indian festivities which still bind us together & bring us closer to become one & have a joyous soul
It was almost a year , settled in Canada for altogether a new Job ,ample responsibilities ,manifolds of hard-work ,targets pressures ,performance demands had taken all of me ,I had somehow lost my old world of sitting together & eating in one plate with family ,I had actually forgotten to celebrate Rakhi ,Holi & even last Diwali amidst all these upcoming changes in my life. I had to snub my heartfelt emotions to stabilize myself in a new location, for a challenging job. Deeply engrossed in all this, somewhere I actually lost the roads to my family, my passion to be with them vanished.
Post 18 months of re-assuring my state, there came an urge within me to feel the warmth of my parents love ,to hug my sister ,to see the smiles on their faces (not via skype) ,to shout with joy of being together ,Bewildered ,I landed up to book my flight tickets well before Diwali this time ,but strange..All booked as I woke up the last moment ,nearly all flights were showing FULL & 2 of them pretty costly ,far above my reach ! NO NO, where was my heart before, why was I unable to make a stand even when my heart was crying for them?? My soul questioned me; I hid my face in cushion & cried to see my unfurnished dreams of love!
I wanted to Greet them…A Diwali Greetings full of surprise for them …I can still make it…as usual a fight of mind & heart started…Money..Happiness..Smiles..Love.., Weight-age of all started! Hang On! ,So firstly it had to be a made of Greeting ,all by Sony LIV to wish them ,just them ,to make them feel special ,to show that they mean everything to me

“Near far, wherever you are,
I believe that my heart will go on & on”

Well ,a wave of happiness drove within me ,to my love showered in a different manner & the very next moment this time my MIND WON the battle ! I got tickets booked without thinking of the penny ,business class ,double the rates (but not as imperative as their smiles). Suddenly ,a speedometer sat in me;) ,Swiftly bags packed ,informed the boss of 15 days leave,& I was all set to land in INDIA (well it was a surprise for my family)
After a tiring journey ,I finally landed at Delhi Airport ,unable to wait ,rushed to the bus stand to catch the next bus to jodhpur ,My place ,My Life ,My town ,every minute seemed as a long day , my endurance was ending , I was thrilled even to assume their expressions on seeing me in front of them ..& just Couldn’t resist smile all through sitting in the bus J
That time had come..it was early morning 5:30am ,a wintery breeze hit me ,I smelled the sense of festivities in the air ,group of people still sitting at “Chai Corner” sipping garma garam TEA (those counters will soon start selling the famous “Mirchi bada’s”) ,nothing had changed in this beautiful city ,same life ,same people ,I shivered all the more.
KNOCK..KNOCK..,twice & there someone opened the door..DAD..Oh My GOD! Tarun you are here? NO Its a dream ,let me pinch you!! Yes, yes ,it’s Tarun ,calling my mom to wake up & come over ..Rekha this is the best diwali, see Tarun is standing at your doors ! I was simply standing & looking at the sudden ecstasies! Next moment, we hugged, we danced, we laughed with joy, so delighted, tears rolled down my Ma’s eyes (was this happiness worth penny? It cannot be ever measured) .

This video revokes similar set of emotions which shows how indifference are resolved over the spirit of Festival and gives a chance to rejuvenate the warmth of emotions held deep inside the heart of two brothers Amazingly captured the essence of true meaning of Diwali by Sony LIV12


So check out this dedicated website create by Sony LIV and if you wish overwhelmed to share greetings with your dear ones then create a customised message and share them across any or all of the social media channel to let it bring a smile on the face of reader and LIVE this Diwali . It enable user to choose Background Template, relation to sender , touch-up with Diwali related Graphic and complete it by adding own message or selecting from some suggested text .


Here is a Snapshot of Diwali greeting created by me for my best friend in 4 steps within a short span of 30 sec and was delivered right away.


Although I reached out to my family on time, but there are numerous other friends and close one’s staying across globe and reaching them to all at once be impossible. So instead of sharing Copy/Paste type mass Greeting Message, I am typing out my thought and sharing them individually in form of colourful Diwali Greetings . Thanks to Technology and Sony LIV  , Feelings can be expressed and conveyed easily this DIWALI .



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