Winter’s & Gajar ka Halwa

Visit to a  vegetable market in Nov- Dec and first spotting of Carrot ignites mind with two images  ” Blankets  ” & ” Gajar ka Halwa ” .  Yes, winters are incomplete till time we consume at least 3-4 kg of Halwa till the season permits .  Visiting Grandparents home , Fighting inside blankets , sleeping till 10 am and starting day with bowl full of halwa served hot are most cherished childhood memories for many of us .

The desert serves the purpose of delivering Milk , Carrot , Dry fruits , Saffron in easy way liked by people of all ages .


Although like Majority of Indian Men’s staying away from Cooking which is traditionally considered a forte of Women’s , even i am counted in those pampered kids who used to kept away from kitchen and made to enjoy food sitting on other side of table . But , My love for food and curiosity forced MOM to let share recipe and learn how to make quick Snacks and deserts . The first one was Maggie and second was ” Gajar ka Halwa ”

Surely anyone reading the post must be knowing  , how to make those 2 minute noodles . So i am sharing the recipe of  , ” GAJAR ka HALWA ”  as ” WINTER’s ARE COMING ” and this dish will surely get you title’s of   ” LORD OF SEVEN KINGDOM ” and ” Protector of the Realm.” with a real chance for the ” IRON THRONE” 🙂

Prep Time : 20 Min ,

Cooking time :  1 Hr ,

Serves : 3-4 people ( Can reduce to 1 if you are serving to foodie like me )

Ingredient : IMG_20151130_041130

100 gm-  MAWA / KHOYA/ Condensed Milk

5 serve spoon  – Sugar Free NATURA

1/2  litre-Milk

2 tbsp- Desi Ghee

1/2 kg-Carrots Grated

20gm -Kaju (Cashewnuts) chopped

20 gm- Kishmish (Raisins)

2-3 Flake’s – Saffron

1/4 tbsp – Elaichi (Cardamom Green ) powder

Cooking Instructions :

1.) Firstly , Mix Saffron Flake’s with tbsp of Milk in a small bowl and keep it aside .

2.) Take a deep pan ,add Milk , Grated carrot  and boil it on low flame and stir occasionally till the milk start drying up . (Approx 30-35 Min)

3.) Pour the bowl with saffron ,  a  Mawa , Sugar Free Natura to the pan together and continue cooking till  entire milk dries up  completely  (Approx 15 min) .

4.) Add Ghee and cook for another 5-7 min .

5.) Halwa is Ready .

6.)  Garnish it with kaju , kishmish , elaichi  and serve  HOT  .IMG_20151129_222554

{ Additional tips : 
1.) To reduce cooking time , you may use Pressure  cooker instead of deep fry pan but it may affect taste a bit.
2.) Use Sugar Free NATURA instead of Regular sugar which guarantees the sweetness of sugar without the calories equally good for Diabetic and diet conscious people  .}

This dish can be preserved for 3-4 days and may add a small amount of hot milk if it thickness over period of time .

Statuary warning : Guest may  get addicted to this dish and it may result in increased frequency of their visit and the flavors of freshly cooked halwa may induce envy in your neighborhood 🙂



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