Yeh Dilli ha Mera yaar

As a part of blogging Series , I got a topic to share about design , drive and connect for a city i knew very well .. Natural choice was to write about my home town “Jodhpur ” , where i was born and brought up and spend 75% of my lifetime . I can keep describing every possible angel about this SUNCITY where i can relive memories at every knock and corner which can in-turn convert to hundred’s of individual blog-post.

But reality is , it has been almost 10 years since i have left hometown and shifted to Delhi or as we say ” Dilli ” , reason  initially being for higher education and then for career growth . Although like every small town boy at first , this town appeared to be a Giant Godzilla which will completely gulp me in a instance and i will  be lost in this infinite  maze of flyover , roads and crowd . But over the years , the fear turned into mystery and then respect and gradually into a love ; all for the way this city operates  .


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Dilli  is home for Millions of Migrants from other states right from J&K to Andaman & Nicobar 🙂 . Yes and they are no longer migrant to this town but part of the soul of city .  City celebrate festival all way from Pongal to Durga pooja to Diwali to Ganesh Chaturthi and way better and on larger scale than their point of origin .Dilli is the true Dil ( Heart ) of India and even media agrees with every second news broadcast-ed on any news channel is always related to Dilli .So be it reporter or politician’s or even protesters , every nerve in the country passes  through the city . I think this song very well capture the essence :

Yeh delhi hai mere yaar,
Bass ishq mohabbat pyaar,
Basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
Gali hai deewano ki dilli 6 ! 

Bolo bolo milo se dilli dilli,
Bolo bolo milo se dilli 6,
Basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
Gali hai deewano ki dilli 6..!!

Bada kaske gale lagata hai,
Dhadkan ki dhun sunata hai,
Iske baaye taraf bhi dil hai,
Iske daaye taraf bhi dil dil hai,
Yeh shehar nahi mehfil hai -3 times
Yeh delhi hai mere yaar,
Bass ishq mohabbat pyaar,
Delhi 6 delhi delhi 6 delhi,
Kabhi pyaar mein gaali dekha hai
Kabhi gaali mein pyaar bhi hota hai apni
Aankhon ka taara bhi yahan pyaar mein bilkul khota hai,
Bolo bolo milo se dilli dilli,
Bolo bolo milo se dilli 6,
Basti hai mastaano ki dilli dilli,
Gali hai deewano ki dilli 6…

Delhi shares it’s border with most of state of North India and is well connected via AIR , ROAD , RAIL nationally and internationally . Now Delhi has been expanded to be know as NCR which include  Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, Ghaziabad  and other nearby towns. Heritage wise it has Qutub Minar , Lotus Temple , India Gate to show it’s cultural side . Politically Indian Leadership resides here and Right from President of India to Entire Powerhouse of Cabinet Resides here .

Delhi overall accounts for more cars than combines count of 3 other metro city . With Ring roads to connected Entire city and major work going on in form of expanding Flyover’s and Introducing METRO TRAIN to improve public connectivity is helping city in coping up with mass influx of population from nearby cities in search of employment .

This city is tolerant in terms of accepting major changes including harsh traffic conditions to facilitate VIP movements and metro works . And it also shows intolerance by taking on roads to get justice for cases like ” NIRBHAYA ” and supporting ANNA movement to make govt accountable .

Even there are flaws in terms of execution and bit of care free attitude of residents , but it’s a work in progress and believe me , people of Delhi are connected as it’s soul and everyday it holds it’s head high to be called as CAPITAL OF INDIA . and YES if you happen to visit here sometime , don’t forget to try ” Chole Bhature ” and ” Chole kulcha ” 🙂

Similarly Tata motors has launched a campaign to showcase their new year  ” ZICA ” with a theme of #madeofgreat . Do checkout their connection with Messi  ..

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