From “Chalta hai ” to ” Chalta hai no more” – Smart Indian Traveler

“JUGAAD & CHALTA HAI” are branded as quick solutions but in reality are WMD (Weapon of mass destruction) for overall service sector and specially for the hospitality industry.

As a marketing professional, I spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase. This gives me the chance to stay & experience options varying from luxurious resorts to basic guest house. Over the years, I have learnt a common fact that you get what you pay for. However, the issue arises when sub-delivery becomes a benchmark. So what we are promised at the time of booking on a hotel web portal/travel agent is altogether different from what we actually get. The situation becomes worse when even some of the basic amenities are compromised or denied altoghther .

Let me share a few instances which sound funny but caused last minute stress for me:

  • When king size bed was smaller than a railway berth
  • When free high speed broadband turned out to be a 64Kbps connection
  • When lavish breakfast meant “Aaloo – Puri” & tea
  • Advertised was large Screen TV & what I found actually was a 1990’s Salora Branded B/W box
  • Hot running water meant you have to run 4 floors down to get a bucket of water
  • Single swing in the garden was marketed as dedicated KIDS activity area
  • Beautiful city view turned out to be sewage collection point right outside your balcony
  • 24*7 security meant a receptionist sitting next to entrance gate with a hockey stick

& the list goes on…

What makes me wonder is why people always adopt this  “CHALTA HAI” attitude. You yourself would acknowledge how at times, this “Chalta Hai” attitude impacts your travel experience and takes away the joy from entire trip.

Among the few hotels that I look forward to, one of them is Hotel Formule 1.  This brand owns & operates hotels in major towns like Gr. Noida, Gurgaon, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Being a part of the International ACCOR GROUP, they follow International Standards and offer unmatched hospitality experience for business travelers like me.

Interestingly, they recently came up with a video campaign highlighting the issues of the “CHALTA HAI” behavior.  The video captures discussions between a traveler and cab driver. It shows how visitors finally say “#CHALTAHAINOMORE” to such casual attitude. Watch out this video to know if the story sounds familiar.

For fellow readers, I strongly suggest to do a stopover at for quick checkout on facilities and rate (all start at INR 2399 only) before deciding if you want to book & hear another “Chalta hai” excuse.

Some of the assured amenities you can experience at all of their properties are:

  • Complimentary Wireless Internet
  • Well spread breakfast
  • Flat screen TV in every room
  • Sound proof rooms so it doesn’t matter who your neighbor is; whether a family with 4 kids or an aspiring musician. Your room will feel like your mind where only your thoughts reside
  • Drive in with ease as they have FREE parking across properties
  • 24*7 safety & security arrangements
  • Environment friendly low – carbon footprint design
  • Equipped to assist & provide similar facilities for handicapped guests and keeping them at ease just like at home

It’s high time both guest & hosts across boards take a stand and say #ChaltaHaiNoMore”. The era of smart traveler has finally arrived who can be fooled no more.


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