Everything you want to know about ZIKA


WHO has declared it as a public health emergency, a warning level  issued  only  3 times in history of WHO  for epidemic conditions including H1N1 and Ebola outbreak. WHO estimate around 4 Million people would be affected by this virus by end 2016. In December 2015, the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization (PAHO/WHO) raised an alert especially for pregnant women & newborns. Almost 26+ South American countries have confirmed significant presence of virus in their territory including Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Mexico. Brazilian authorities estimate almost 1 million Zika infections cases by now with nearly 4,000 children born with microcephaly.


It was discovered way back in 1947 in ZIKA forest in Uganda in  rhesus monkey and was named as ZIKV . Various Outbreaks were reported from 1951-81 across Africa and few islands of ASIA. But since 2014 when it was reported in Latin American countries, the spread rate has been alarming.



This Infection is caused by the bite of an infected AEDES MOSQUITO. It shows the same vector that spreads dengue and chicken guinea.


The virus spreads from person to person through bites from infected mosquitoes. Even a person infected with the virus could pass it along to local mosquito populations and that how the virus has been spreading across globe. Although in winter season the impact and survival chances of virus is negligible. With Brazil scheduled to HOST OLYMPICS from 5- 21 Aug 2016, possibility of International visitors getting infected is highly probable.  They may act as carrier and take along to their home country resulting in wide spread.


In Common people fever, mild flu-like illness, conjunctivitis, rash, and joint pain that can last up to a week.


In pregnant women it has been linked to an alarming increase in the rate of the birth defect known as microcephaly — a debilitatingly small head and brain size. This may cause Brain Hamerage in few conditions or ause permanent damage to growth function of body/brain of the child .

microcephaly-comparison pic_1453148243419_436989_ver1.0_640_360.jpg

{ Image source  : CDC , USA }


Currently no vaccine or medicine available to prevent or treat Zika virus infections; fluids, rest, and acetaminophen are suggested for those who contact the virus.


Reduce the possibility of Mosquito breeding by cutting down their breeding sites which include water-filled habitats like plant containers, toilets, puddles, birdbaths, and pooled water outdoors. While visiting to Countries falling under high rise category wear long sleeves and pants and apply Mosquito repellent on entire body .
Effect in INDIA:

Till time no case has been reported in our country. But considering high number of International travelers, Pre-scanning for the virus at Airport has been recommended and govt. is trying to procure testing kits. Teams have been set up which are getting complete info from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) , USA regarding this virus . With our countries’ hygiene conditions and history with DENGUE & CHIKUNGUNYA (Virus caused by same breed of Mosquito), things have to be kept under open lens as prevention is only tool we have.

{ TRIVIA : El SALVADOR has issued a Bizarre public advisory to to avoid Pregnancy & stop having children until 2018 ..Read more at this link { http://www.nytimes.com/2016/01/26/world/americas/el-salvadors-advice-on-zika-dont-have-babies.html?_r=0 }  

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