Happiness : Reason for good morning !

I was wandering and brain storming, what title will go well with theme of this post  … a post which defines my moments/memories/action that results in any emotion changing into a broad smile. Smile , no matter how short it last on my face but recharges every grey cell of body to move ahead without considering the issue surrounding me .


So after internal brainstorming for hours with few titles popping up as ” Other side of sadness ” ” What make me smile ” ” How to recharge gold plated Heart ” ” From darkness to Brightness ” ……. few  headers were worth considering but the perfect one was what I am going to write about  ” Happiness ” , Many scholars said it’s a state of mind and last for few seconds –  minutes and the reason behind it keeps on changing not only from individual but also for same individual with change in culture/Emotions/Surroundings/Stage of life . So If you spot a lion during jungle safari travelling can give moments of happiness and make the entire trip worthwhile, it can turn out to be nightmare if you are travelling alone in night on a abandon road and you hear a ROAR…

Rather than diverting too much from topic, this post is going to be a part of my life where i would be collecting all things which bring happiness in my life and a parabolic curve on my face between chin and nose portion. Some of them are Spontaneous , came as surprise package in day to day life and some which I always look forward to in case I really need to cheer up and feel that life on earth is worth all the efforts , some of those best kept hidden tricks are :

  • Slideshow of Pictures: Pictures Speaks thousand times better than words and when they are of your loved & treasured one even facial expression tell hundreds of stories and emotion’s. So whenever my phone/tab/laptop start playing the slide show of dear one’s it takes back my mind to memory lane of good times shared with chosen one .
  • Books : Few Author’s pen down magical world in few pages that no matter how many times we read them , we always feel it’s the ideal life we want to live … Someone has rightly said that books are Human’s best friend  and I prefer hard bound versions
  • Travel: Although Professional Obligation require me to life in a city bursting with traffic and people, but at slightest chance of free time and I slip away to travel and explore the world. This gives a chance to interact with strangers, visit unexplored places and appreciate artistic part of God.
  • Volunteering for Social Cause: There is one life and within this we try to achieve Infinite things. Within this mad race, if our deeds help to bring smile of some unprivileged part of society then the reward is happiness and satisfaction. This feeling is best in world and cannot be described in words.

These are few of the idea’s which always bring HAPPINESS part back in my life … The Reason which make everyday morning a GOLD MORNING and a day to look forward to . Refreshing start to a day with Smile on the face in the morning is a symbol of life well spend in days went by.

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