Captivating Amritsar!!

Trip to Amritsar

Enthralling Ventures!!!

A small town full of hustle bustle of people, honking autos, shouting vendors to sell their daily items ,narrow lanes ,ample eateries ,dhaba’s & the best part ..All is so well connected..To go anywhere is just between 3-5 kms from the heart of city, enjoy either walking or cheaply fared sharing autos!

Well, this winter got me ready to eulogize the exquisiteness this small town entails in itself in the form of the most scintillating “Golden temple”,a temple not just to join hands & pray ,but a place which gives the feeling of uniqueness in itself , exclusivity to bring together so many people under one roof ,sense of “Seva” towards human race & an utmost ecstasy to begin with!

Bags packed & we booked Delhi –Amritsar Shatabdi which usually takes close to 7 hours, but we are specially blessed with some or the other during our “Planned Travel’s”& this…

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