April 13 , 1919 – Revisiting History


While Amritsar is know for many places to visit including Golden Temple , WAGAH BORER and even Kulcha’s which even us included in our Itinerary . ButoOne place which probably every Indian or every human must go to is Jallianwala Bagh for  the history behind this place .

For People , who are unaware of the significance of this place in INDIAN HISTROY and why it always found it’s mention in India’s Independence moment :

Date : April 13 , 1919

Time : 4:30 PM

Bullet Fired : 1650

Incident : General R.E.H. Dyer. ordered 50 armed soldiers to open fire without warning on a gathering which was suspected to be political gathering , while in reality  most of them in crowd were unaware of and were actually there to celebrate ” Baisakhi ” . List of Martyr  even  includes women ,  children and senior citizens .

Casualties  : 379 Died & More than 1500 Injured

Result : Black Day in History of Humanity which makes us remember that HUMAN is the biggest enemy of Human . So in the vicinity of GOLDEN Temple where people bow their head to seek blessing of “Guru Gobind Singh ” , they also shed some tears in the memory of those unfortunate people and prey for their souls .

Present :  The 6.5 acre  massacre  site has been converted into a garden and houses a memorial  namely” Flame of Liberty ” established in 1951 by the Indian Govt.  to commemorate the massacre .







Signage toward WALL which has bullets marks fired by soldiers 


Gallery in middle of garden with portraits of martyr’s and newspaper article which reported this incident in 1919.


T escape from Bullets ,  people jumped into a well and almost 120 people died due to suffocation 




Republic day event and flag hoisting happening at the place .


Teaching my kid , how hard earned this DEMOCRACY is  .


Vande Mataram 


Tribute from us ..JAI HIND !! 


3 thoughts on “April 13 , 1919 – Revisiting History

  1. adsunsri

    An indelible mark in the history of India’s freedom that will spurn all of us to spew venom on the perpetrators!
    A very poignant post that reminds us of the heavy price we had to pay for our freedom.



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