Strengthening Roots – Enhancing growth in kids

” Hey your kid looks weak , is he suffering from any kind of disease ? “

No , he is all good  , just his weight never increases .  I have tried various combination of food including diff. home remedies but he is wafer thin since birth ” 

” How old is he ? ” 

”  He is already 6 years old and yet his weight is only 16 Kg ” 

” Have you consulted any doctor for this ? ” 

” No ,  My parents and in-laws says it is common phenomenon , some suffer with height issue and other with weight . But over period of time, it improves and everything will be fine, they even ask me to remain worry free and don’t exert over this issue” 

” I would really wish it happens , your kid is very bright and intelligent  and nothing should hold him back to achieve the best ” .

This is a classic conversation; every mother goes through in early phase of their kids.  As Parents are considered responsible for tip to toe of their kids, every Mother thinks her kids should remain at top of his health. …Forever.

Then there are few of our traditional relatives  who always raise doubts about   way of parenting and the Typical Sarcasm  is  ” Kuch Khilate nahi ho kya isko , bahut patla ho gaya ha ” { Don’t you feed him any food , he is getting thin day by day } and rest of them gives false assurance just to calm the situation ” Apne aap ho jayenga , Mera Chintu bhi bachpan ma itna chota sa lagta tha , par a dekho ” { it happens with time , even my kid used to look way small than his age but he recovered ” .

Yes , both of the statements are true . Some do improve over time and gets fits into the definition of being “Health “. But the issue is, in this age of competition, do we really want to take chances with such important phase of our little ones   . With Globalization, they are forced to compete beyond borders of their classroom both on & off the field.  Healthy body and fit mind help them concentrate, learn and grow at par with their friends. Their Energy level must always be kept at top level so they never feel drained out while exploring the world.

Generally, the way to measure fitness comes with a ratio of kid’s age, weight and his height. There are multiple calculators online which can help us monitor if the numbers matches with generally acceptable benchmarks or not.  In case, we can seek advice of specialist help to provide additional supplement.  FMCG and Pharma companies have been coming up with innovative products to fill up this need. These come in powder form which is either milk or water dis-solvable, making it easy to feed them to younger ones . These Nutrients overcame the deficiency of Protein  and vitamin  which helps in catching up on growth . One such product is Horlicks Growth + from house of GSK  which has clinically proven reports to naturally enhance growth .

Humans are like trees and kids are like saplings, all they need is good food, water, sun light and people who care for them. And if provided in right mix from early stage, fruits in form of success and performance can be seen forever.





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