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New Venture : Family on the wheels

Hey Friends,

I’m so happy to announce the launch of our new Family Travel Blogsite ” Familyonthewheels” , coz that’s what we are.. Travel addicts:)

The major focus of this website is to share  what it takes to travel with a Kid along side . Believe us , it takes whole  together another level of planning and  even the experiences are different . We have been through all the phase of being a Solo traveller to roaming around as couple and now ARHAM has joined us .

Be it funny situation , when we missed our flight becaz our kid has last minute urge to pee , to getting special Upgrade in Dolphin show becaz we had Arham along . Through this website we will be sharing all our experience in terms of tips as how to make Travel comfortable for yourself and kid .

We will be more than happy if you can come over, follow us and let’s begin discussing in and all around the beauty of Travelling.

Picture 099

I had last posted a very small highlight of Capri on this blog, so the detailed post is out. Read here :

  1. Capri island : An amazing Italian island, waiting for you to leave you awe struck
  2. Blue Grotto : All you wish to know of the magical charm of Blue Grotto at Capri.

As the days will pass, the blog book will become heavy but interesting to help you unravel the travel goals with amazing destinations we will bring out for you!

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Let’s catch up soon there! Connect with us & travel the world!

See you all till then!


Sensational Dubai!

Planning for a trip to a Dessert? Beach? modern place? amazing architecture? Or to experience the crazy adrenaline experiences?


We’ll that’s what Dubai holds in itself, a complete package for travel lovers with varied tastes, and a glance on the options it offers for you will for sure compel travelers to have it in the “Must visit” place.

And why not, with such an easy connectivity via the Gulf Air from Cleartrip,it doesn’t actually needs a second thought to hop on to.

And while in Dubai, you should definitely check these places:

  1. Burj Khalifa : Visiting the tallest structure of the world would have definitely build anxiety!160 storied shiny building capturing world’s Tallest Art gallery(having works of close to 85 artists across the world), a mix of Residential(144 residences), Commercial space with Armani hotel (with a difference – step into home with no reception desk), lounges, health & wellness facilities, pools , observation desk at 148th floor(which can even make people view shores of Iran on a clear day)

It also has special measures with lights to prevent aircraft collisions, infact its fact file is huge with interesting stories to grasp.

  1. Dubai Fountains : The Dubai Fountain, situated on 30acre Burj lake are world’s tallest performing fountain , with over 900ft in length. The light, music & the serene lake shares a compelling & wow moment on the first glimpse itself. It performs to range of different songs ranging from contemporary, classical & other world music as well.
  1. Dubai mall : With the credit of largest mall in world (basis area measured), it engulfs 1200 shops in the Dubai Downtown , attracting maximum tourists across the world. Get your Style quotient rejuvenated here !
  1. Burj Al Arab : Get pampered at one of the luxurious hotel designed in the form of sailing ship , on an artificial island, close to Jumeirah Beach. Encompasses 202 rooms on 28 double storey floors, some lovely restaurants offering a panoramic look of Dubai .
  1. Aquaventure Waterpark : That’s definitely for the adventure seekers, adrenaline pumping rides, Zip line giving the views of Atlantis & beachfront, getting close to the marine life (sharks, rays, colorful fishes), it will for sure offer the nerve chilling experience. For those who wish to relax at beaches , have this option too here.
  1. Dolphin Bay : In Atlantis, this bay is certain to provide a memorable experience, while swimming with Dolphins or going for Scuba with these amazing creatures and even just hug them up!
  1. Dubai Desert : Gear up now! Take a backseat , hold the belts tight as the ride on dunes gonna take you for an adrenaline rush. If not that , opt in for Quad biking and explore the amazing sandy landscapes. Still not pleased, forget all and go in for Sand-boarding down the slopes & have a sensational experience all by yourself.


  1. SKI Dubai : Loved Sand-boarding, now why not explore Ski-boarding:) at Ski Dubai, a great Indoor Ski resort. Tightly themed with those snowy winters, it is a lovely place to enjoy Skiing, Snow-boarding & participate in snow games / jumping the ramp, roll down the ball run, have that amazing hot chocolate and why not meet & greet ”penguins”!
  1. Aquarium & Underwater Zoo : with certainly breathtaking experiences as “riding Shark scooter”(descending upto 3metres under the water ,making you have a comfortable look at the marine life), gain momentum with encountering & feeding the Sharks, go in for snorkelling to see marine life and yes don’t miss on the Underwater zoo ( King Croc – a mighty 750kg -5m long crocodile; Night creatures as Bats, Owl’s, Hedgehogs & some other interesting creatures)
  1. Jumeirah beach & Marina Beach : The white shiny beach with pristine blue -green waters on Jumeriah offers a calm ,relaxing day for the visitors. One can also visit marina beach, which ensures to showcase some of the amazing skyscrapers built there, apart from admiring nature (sunset, sunrise )
                                                                                                                                                                                { Picture Courtesy : }

Day out in Rome!

Just a though ran my mind on busy working Tuesday.. Rome was not built in a day.. Why not let me walk through it in a day ..I tapped on to see Euro to INR conversion , it was little lower than last week , & expected to go low in next 2 days as well, Foreign exchange was just the next  building to office, the month & the weather was perfect ,  Mom was happy with my child about to turn 2 in next one month, Travel site was offering discounts! What else? I just rushed & planned for10 day Italy trip, a trip to admire the art designed by the greatest artists, to fall in love with the culture & praise the lovely people out there!

So keep your eye glued to visit: 5 Best Places in Rome in a day:

  1. Vatican Museums :

Well that’s a complete “Not to miss” start, book your audio guide online & enter them skipping the queues outside. With the complete museums & gallery stretched along 7Kms, one has to be selective to preserve the energy for the last of the magnificent stretch opening into “Sistine Chapel”. Vatican houses all time greatest art be it Modern paintings or Egyptian mummies or Etruscan bronzes or frescoed rooms, all due to the great artists as Michelangelo & Raphael.

Search more on Website :

  1. St.Peter’s Basilica :

Within the Vatican City, lies the Dome of Basilica, a brilliant piece of renaissance architecture, which has been collectively designed by all time great artists as Michelangelo, Gian Lorenzo, Carlo & Donato (for more than 100 years) making it  “One of the largest churches in the world”.

Bordered with Rich history it is a lovely place to be at & can be covered in a single visit to Vatican.

2. Colosseum :

One of the most admired “Amphitheatre” across the world, although some part of it has converted into ruins, but this structure along with rich history is a big charm of Rome.

It was basically home to entertainment for the public with the display of exotic animals, there used to be game fights between animals & slaves or criminals or prisoners. The original building was marble clad with 160 huge statues of over 160ft.  It could accommodate approx. 55k spectators with 4 floor seating space.


3. Spanish Steps :

Just besides the Triangular square: Piazza Di Spagna, lies a French Church on the top of hill, which can be easily forayed upon the long stairs referred as “Spanish Steps”. A day visit can ensure you to walk on the stairs & visit the glimpse , but this is place attracts lot of tourists, so for a serene view one can also see the lightening glimpse when the night falls. Along the complete way numerous gelatine shops are there to hold on to the amazing flavours of famous ice-creams.

4. Trevi Fountain :

When the night falls, with the surrounding lights this place has an amazing aura it radiates.

One of the most beautiful fountain ever seen, full of huge crowd , still it demands an ample time from your itinerary . It also reflects s perfect example of “Monumental Baroque”.


So now just Pack your bags & plan for an enticing trip to Italy.

Restro Review – Turquoise Cottage , Saket

Sunday lunch time and we checked in to  this place for a buffet meal  . Fortunately , we were  looking for a place to relax & eat in peace and this place has less than 20% occupancy 🙂 .

Mainly serving continental food , their menu had some great  options for veg/ non veg dishes to choose from . What we picked was :

  • Virgin Mojito – Drinks ( Not part of Buffet )
  • Dimsum & Burmese Soup  – Starter
  • Pasta in white sauce – Appetizer
  • Veg Greens ,Thai curry and Vegetables in Black bean sauce – Mains
  •  Rice and noodles – Staples.
  •  Vanila Ice cream with honey crunch – Desert

Starters were served on table and mains were buffet .  Food was full of flavors , with Chef personally taking care of guest preferences  .

This place have a in – house stage for Band performance and Live Cricket screening . They have  seperate smoking room .

Overall a good experience , with place being regularly visited by youth to chill out over snacks and rounds of Booze .And yes  , My kid enjoyed roaming around the place on its own .

Families can skip this place for nearby located Barbeque nation or Rajdhani or even Gulati . For Bachelor’s and Party lovers , this name must be added to their list .

About Restro : This place is a part and parcel of Delhi’s Food history which is highlighted in their tagline ” TC Original 1997 ” .

Serves : Continental , American , Italian

Average Cost  : INR 2000 for two pax

Must try : Virgin Mojito  , Chilli cottage cheese

Kid’s / Infant Menu : Not Available

High Chair for Kids : Not Available

Shhhh : Lookout for their  #AllDayLongHappyHours deals which usually runs on Tuesday and Thursday 

Ratings : 

  • Ambiance : 4/5
  • Food : 3.5 / 5
  • Service : 4/5
  • Value for money : 4/5
  • Overall : PICK for Starters and Drink . Miss for Full Course Meals .

Photowalk – Golden Temple , Amritsar

Second Stop on our Amritsar trip after Jallianwala Bagh  was heart of the CITY  – GOLDEN TEMPLE  .( Swaran Mandir )

The serenity of the place can be felt with first step inside the dorm . We can spend hours sitting in the vicinity of this place and may find some inner peace too .The charm of this place made us to visit 2 times in 2 consecutive days   to watch it’s glory in NIGHT and DAY MODE.

This place also runs a Community Kitchen know as ” GURU KA LANGER ” which is free for all and is entirely run by Volunteers ( Sevadars ) and there was no dearth of them even in  freezing cold winters .

Other than this , they have a library and hostel where you can stay for FREE in dormitory style on first come first serve basis . Across the day Sikh Prayer ” Ik Onkaar ” can be listened from any part of the temple .

Interestingly , Inside the pond surrounding the main dorm , we spotted many golden colored fish ( Check pictures ) and don’t knew it was a pure coincidence or they have been placed .

Overall , the place is very well managed and would surely make you to revisit .

Sharing with you our memories of the trip in form of pictures which may inspire you too.



Side View


Even Extreme temp doesn’t bother the faith of Devote’s


Day Mode ON


Inside the Langar !!


Innovative way to serve water


Volunteers in Kitchen


Spot the Other GOLD – fish

April 13 , 1919 – Revisiting History


While Amritsar is know for many places to visit including Golden Temple , WAGAH BORER and even Kulcha’s which even us included in our Itinerary . ButoOne place which probably every Indian or every human must go to is Jallianwala Bagh for  the history behind this place .

For People , who are unaware of the significance of this place in INDIAN HISTROY and why it always found it’s mention in India’s Independence moment :

Date : April 13 , 1919

Time : 4:30 PM

Bullet Fired : 1650

Incident : General R.E.H. Dyer. ordered 50 armed soldiers to open fire without warning on a gathering which was suspected to be political gathering , while in reality  most of them in crowd were unaware of and were actually there to celebrate ” Baisakhi ” . List of Martyr  even  includes women ,  children and senior citizens .

Casualties  : 379 Died & More than 1500 Injured

Result : Black Day in History of Humanity which makes us remember that HUMAN is the biggest enemy of Human . So in the vicinity of GOLDEN Temple where people bow their head to seek blessing of “Guru Gobind Singh ” , they also shed some tears in the memory of those unfortunate people and prey for their souls .

Present :  The 6.5 acre  massacre  site has been converted into a garden and houses a memorial  namely” Flame of Liberty ” established in 1951 by the Indian Govt.  to commemorate the massacre .







Signage toward WALL which has bullets marks fired by soldiers 


Gallery in middle of garden with portraits of martyr’s and newspaper article which reported this incident in 1919.


T escape from Bullets ,  people jumped into a well and almost 120 people died due to suffocation 




Republic day event and flag hoisting happening at the place .


Teaching my kid , how hard earned this DEMOCRACY is  .


Vande Mataram 


Tribute from us ..JAI HIND !! 

Food Review : Kesar Da Dhabha Town Hall, Amritsar

The popularity of this place reaches sky based on  social media and Restro review  websites opinion .  .. So, I might look odd one out , but I found the food at the place as par with any of   Delhi Dhabba’s located in my neighborhood .

Located at around 1 km from Golden temple , you can take Cycle – rickshaw to reach this place  . Seating Arrangements includes wooden stools and Cement Benches which you may have to share with other guest as the place is always fully packed . But Foodie’s like us are more focused on Taste of Food even if we are made to stand along Road  and served in Paper plates .
In Fixed Menu they serve Thali’s which have variation in  Paratha’s and the curry remain common ( Dal , Rajma , Panner ) .
What we ordered :

Malai Kofta , Panner butter masala , Gobi & Aloo Paratha , Lassie ( All Al-Carte ) .
Taste was ok type not as much as hyped and I have tasted similar paratha’s in various joints in Delhi too . Lassie was surely a HIT .

Ambiance : 2.5/5
Taste : 3/5
Value for Money : 3/5
Ease of Reach : 4/5 ( If you find going to City Lane’s in Cycle -Rickshaw cool )
Parking : Not available
Must Try : Firani & Lassie
Reservations : Not Required
Overall Cost : INR 600 for two ( Including Deserts )