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Planet Hopping : Yes, that’s what I want to do !

Make a List !!

“Yes , I have a list ready for you ! List of work to be finished, grocery need to be ordered, bills need to be paid and many more. Which one do you want??

Not that one, the Blind … !

Oh Shit , Looks like I have missed something again ! Now get ready to be scolded! “Blind , Deaf , Duffer “ , this list of adjectives how can I forget ?

Arey baba, I am talking about the “ Blind List “ of places you desire – Remember the Lufthansa Campaign .

Sounds Interesting, I have heard of Bucket List , Wish List but this is new one ! But how to think of it  ?

That’s the best part, don’t think or google. Not even pen down your usual “10 places to visit before you die “ type post  . Close your eyes, consider impossible is nothing and let your heart fly to limitless imagination and bring it own version of world and share it in a post.


So , I closed my eyes and tried to focus . But what I can hear is some mobile ringtone, Knocking of Pen, Keyboard strokes and whisper of coffee sipping by someone. “Focus buddy, You have to focus “ . Unfortunately , After trying for 5-6 times , even changing venue from Home to office to bar , Gulping down 14 coffee , 3 beer , 7 Tequila shots  and endless rounds  of Peanuts Platter  the post is still “ BLANK “ .

Finally, I stopped trying , went to Arham ( my 4 year old kid ) and started watching what he was doing . At the moment , he was using Lego  blocks to make some structure . I asked “what’s that buddy “ ?  He said it is a Rocket water ship, which can eat all garbage of the earth and convert it into footballs.

Hahaha “  , that’s impossible ! Who gave you this idea ? This is not possible and you are just trying to define whatever you made fixing whichever blocks you can put your hands on !

His reply was “ I don’t care , its my world and I can make / think / do whatever I like to “ . Would you like to join my world . ?

Yes , its his world ! Right now he is not focusing on what he see or what he is taught and not abide by any rules . He is in his own world giving an free hand to his imaginary world .

So , I decided to try what Dr. Arham has prescribed me to do “ Be in my own world “ and sharing what my subconscious  mind brought back to me .

Planet Hoping !! I want to climb on carpet like Aladdin and go on journey of “Around the 7 Planets in 70  Days “ !!

The list is restricted to 7 as that’s the only I can name and remember for the post, else list can be endless J

So Base station for the trip will be Sun, where I can get Fuel for my entire journey !


1st Stop – Mercury!  This planet must be an big sized Hot water park with fun slides all over the place. Probably spend some time getting using to flow instead of walk  in absence of gravity .

2nd Stop – MARS!  I know after mercury comes Venus but stag entry is not allowed on it because you remember ” Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus ”  . Rock Climbing , Biking and all the wild sports will suit this place

3rd Stop – Jupiter – The Biggest of all must be an place to explore DINOSAURS and AUTOBOTS living together. May be I will buy a souvenir in form of BUMBLEBEE for my kid.

4th Stop – Saturn – Time For some roller coaster rides on the rings of Saturn.

5th Stop – Uranus – Lightest of them all, this planet must be full of fog to inhale the fresh air In and meet the rarest of birds!

6th Stop – Neptune – After all the while , I expect this planet to have an beach , rum flowing fountains and Pizza bearing plants .. It will have my longest stop with some me -time to reflect on the journey.

7th Stop – Venus: Yes, I mentioned Men’s are not allowed on this planet but who cares about rule. I will call in favor and arrange for a 2-day VIP pass in wonderland of women land J

8th  Stop –  Finally Back to real world after an Enriching experience of Self Exploration .

Now any Airlines or Startup planning to launch any similar  travel package know they already have an prospective customer here !!


Feel Like sharing your own #theblindlist , then write your adventure in comments section below or post it on Lufthansa website to win some cool prizes .  #SayYesToTheWorld

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Sensational Dubai!

Planning for a trip to a Dessert? Beach? modern place? amazing architecture? Or to experience the crazy adrenaline experiences?


We’ll that’s what Dubai holds in itself, a complete package for travel lovers with varied tastes, and a glance on the options it offers for you will for sure compel travelers to have it in the “Must visit” place.

And why not, with such an easy connectivity via the Gulf Air from Cleartrip,it doesn’t actually needs a second thought to hop on to.

And while in Dubai, you should definitely check these places:

  1. Burj Khalifa : Visiting the tallest structure of the world would have definitely build anxiety!160 storied shiny building capturing world’s Tallest Art gallery(having works of close to 85 artists across the world), a mix of Residential(144 residences), Commercial space with Armani hotel (with a difference – step into home with no reception desk), lounges, health & wellness facilities, pools , observation desk at 148th floor(which can even make people view shores of Iran on a clear day)

It also has special measures with lights to prevent aircraft collisions, infact its fact file is huge with interesting stories to grasp.

  1. Dubai Fountains : The Dubai Fountain, situated on 30acre Burj lake are world’s tallest performing fountain , with over 900ft in length. The light, music & the serene lake shares a compelling & wow moment on the first glimpse itself. It performs to range of different songs ranging from contemporary, classical & other world music as well.
  1. Dubai mall : With the credit of largest mall in world (basis area measured), it engulfs 1200 shops in the Dubai Downtown , attracting maximum tourists across the world. Get your Style quotient rejuvenated here !
  1. Burj Al Arab : Get pampered at one of the luxurious hotel designed in the form of sailing ship , on an artificial island, close to Jumeirah Beach. Encompasses 202 rooms on 28 double storey floors, some lovely restaurants offering a panoramic look of Dubai .
  1. Aquaventure Waterpark : That’s definitely for the adventure seekers, adrenaline pumping rides, Zip line giving the views of Atlantis & beachfront, getting close to the marine life (sharks, rays, colorful fishes), it will for sure offer the nerve chilling experience. For those who wish to relax at beaches , have this option too here.
  1. Dolphin Bay : In Atlantis, this bay is certain to provide a memorable experience, while swimming with Dolphins or going for Scuba with these amazing creatures and even just hug them up!
  1. Dubai Desert : Gear up now! Take a backseat , hold the belts tight as the ride on dunes gonna take you for an adrenaline rush. If not that , opt in for Quad biking and explore the amazing sandy landscapes. Still not pleased, forget all and go in for Sand-boarding down the slopes & have a sensational experience all by yourself.


  1. SKI Dubai : Loved Sand-boarding, now why not explore Ski-boarding:) at Ski Dubai, a great Indoor Ski resort. Tightly themed with those snowy winters, it is a lovely place to enjoy Skiing, Snow-boarding & participate in snow games / jumping the ramp, roll down the ball run, have that amazing hot chocolate and why not meet & greet ”penguins”!
  1. Aquarium & Underwater Zoo : with certainly breathtaking experiences as “riding Shark scooter”(descending upto 3metres under the water ,making you have a comfortable look at the marine life), gain momentum with encountering & feeding the Sharks, go in for snorkelling to see marine life and yes don’t miss on the Underwater zoo ( King Croc – a mighty 750kg -5m long crocodile; Night creatures as Bats, Owl’s, Hedgehogs & some other interesting creatures)
  1. Jumeirah beach & Marina Beach : The white shiny beach with pristine blue -green waters on Jumeriah offers a calm ,relaxing day for the visitors. One can also visit marina beach, which ensures to showcase some of the amazing skyscrapers built there, apart from admiring nature (sunset, sunrise )
                                                                                                                                                                                { Picture Courtesy : }
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Land of Crounching Dragon ……China (Part 2/3 )

The Highway to Nowhere
The Highway to Nowhere
The confused Tree , Forbidden City Beijing
The confused Tree , Forbidden City Beijing
350 Kmph ..Bullet train
350 Kmph ..Bullet train
Love , Peace and Harmony concert
Love , Peace and Harmony concert
Love , Peace and Harmony concert
Love , Peace and Harmony concert